How to make calls to any landline phone over the Internet? - Step by step

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Today, technology provides its users with millions of tools and functions. One of the many new features is that you can do calls from the Internet to any landline phone.

How to make free calls to any landline on the internet? - Step by step

How to make calls to any landline on the Internet?

To make a call over the Internet, you will need to perform some settings on your mobile phone and select the best VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) server. After registering on the VoIP server, which you like best, you can make free calls to any fixed network .

What are Voice over Internet Protocol servers?

A server is software that is responsible for the accumulation of tasks requested by users .

Voice over Internet protocol servers are those that have a number of functions used for send voice signals using the IP network via an Internet connection.

Currently the Internet offers all its users a large number of free servers with which it is possible to make calls to telephones in a simple way and at a fairly low cost.

How to configure your mobile phone to use the Voice over IP service?

To configure your mobile you need to support yourself with a IP telephony service . Currently there are different servers on the Web. Next, we will mention a few:

  • justvoice

It is a server that will allow you to perform free calls to landlines and mobile phones, once you have registered and paid money you will be able to access a service with which you can start making the calls you want.

  • voip-buster

VoipBuster is one of the programs with which you can send SMS and make calls to mobile and landline phones in anywhere in the world .

  • Skype
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This is software that allows its users to make calls and communicate with text, voice and video using the Internet.

You can choose the server you want, taking into account the prices of its tariffs and its characteristics.

After registering with the Voice over IP server of your choice, you need to perform the following operations :

  1. You must enter your details and register on the server.
  2. Once you have created your account, you need to locate the instructions to view the parameters necessary. If you have chosen Justvoice you will get the necessary information in "SIP device".
  3. When you are in that menu you will get all the necessary data .

Mobile configuration

You can configure the your mobile phone manually or with an application.

  • Manually:
  1. You need to log in to the menu at call.
  2. Go to "Call settings" .
  3. You will need to select the button "Internet Call Settings" .
  4. Choose when you want to use it .
  5. Then in the accounts you have to press "add" .
  6. In addition you have to enter i give that show you on the server of your choice.
  7. Awards save .

When you want to use the service you need to dial the number and options will appear and you will need to select Internet calling .

  • MobileVOIP application

This application is participation and available on Google Play. After installing this application, you will only have to enter the username and password you created on the server, when you log in, a call menu and you will be able to view the history and balance you have.

Differences between Voice over IP (Voip) and telephony over IP.

If you want to use some of these servers in this article, we will mention the differences between Voice over IP (Voip) and telephony over IP.

Il VoIP is a cumulative of instructions, protocols and devices that transfers voice over IP protocol and IP telephony is a telephone service developed by VoIP technology available to all customers.

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What does the acronym IP mean?

We have mentioned the acronym countless times in this article " IP " and in case you don't know what its meaning is we will explain it to you below.

The acronym IP stands for Internet Protocol or to the Spanish Internet Protocol. This is a scheme used to transmit information over a network.

What is the IP address?

The IP address is like a code composed of various numbers that hierarchically identify a network interface of devices such as laptops and cell phones.

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