How to make Gmail the default or default mail on my iPhone Mobile

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In today's article we will see How to make Gmail the default or default email on my iPhone mobile? The iPhone phones are developed by the American company Apple, they were launched on the market in June 2007.

Since their launch they have been one of the highest-end mobile phones, up to the iPhone 12 Pro Max there are 29 models of these phones, with around 193 million users worldwide.

These smartphones have their own iOS operating system, which ranks among the best. iOS has exclusive applications that are very well thought out in terms of functionality and interface. One such application is Mail as it is the default email service for iOS .

Mail is a comprehensive email service, offering options to send and receive emails, mark spam emails, create contact groups, transfer files using iCloud, etc. Although functions well, some users prefer to use another email service such as Gmail . That is why today we will see How can I set Gmail as the default email on an iPhone? We will explain the steps to follow below.

    What is the default mail app on iPhone?

    What are the benefits of activating Gmail as the default email?

    Since we've seen how we can use Gmail as our default email, we need to know that Gmail like any application has its advantages and disadvantages . That is why it is prudent to know these aspects of Gmail, so that at the end of this article we make the decision to switch to Gmail or not.

    We'll start with the positives of Gmail. This application has a tour that has helped you to correct your mistakes from the very first versions, being one of the best email providers, bringing several benefits to the user.

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    • Gmail has 4000 million users, so when we use this email service we will have a large number of acquaintances using Gmail, which it avoids us suffering from compatibility problems between emails .
    • It has the possibility of using the Google software package, expanding the tools it offers.
    • Automatically classifies the different emails we receive, leaving aside those that might be boring for us .
    • It has good security, offering 2-step verification to improve security when entering our mail.

    What are the disadvantages of using Gmail?

    While it has significant advantages, Gmail has some drawbacks that we need to know to get the full picture. Some of the benefits of Gmail are:

    • It has little storage capacity for files, having only 25MB , which is a negative point of Gmail. Over time, files take up more space, thus making little space even less.
    • While Gmail has a very nice interface, all the features it offers can slow down the browser loading.

    What do I need to activate Gmail as my primary email on my iPhone?

    Updated Gmail app

    Where can I change my iPhone's default email?

    Setting Gmail as your default email is a simple, relatively new action. In versions of iOS prior to iOS 14, we will not be able to set Gmail as the default . From iOS 14 if we can set other applications as default. Next, we will go through the simple steps so that you can have Gmail as your default email.

    Go to the iOS settings

    When we turn on our iPhone phone, we must first go to the "settings" area where we will get to the Gmail application available in the App Store.

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    Select Gmail

    Entering we will see the possible programs which can act as a post while Gmai l is available .

    Press "Default Mail App"

    Once we have found the Gmail application, we must "tap" on the application, to later observe the space "Default mail application" among the options.

    Change mail for Gmail

    Once you have chosen Gmail, all its functions will be the default ones on our iPhone device.

    After following all these steps, we can better configure our Gmail account on iOS, if we decide to use another alternative to Gmail or Mail, we have to apply the same steps to change the default email . Furthermore, these steps can be used to change our iPhone's default application in all aspects.

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