How to make good iron or diamond tools in Minecraft?

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Minecraft was a game that revolutionized the industry (you can download it from its page). Mojang's title has conquered the world with its weird graphics. So, if you are new to the gamer community, you need to know it to be able to adapt. So in this sense today you will learn how to make good tools out of iron or diamond in Minecraft.

And it comes as no surprise to know this magnificent title. Since it is one of the few that has remained the game of the moment for many consecutive years. Earn the honor of being the best-selling game in history, making it a must for everyone player .

How to make good iron or diamond tools in Minecraft

    Make good iron or diamond tools in Minecraft

    To get started, you need to know that the tools are the ones that help you get all the materials you need to start your constructions (that's why you always start with basic wooden tools).

    There are many, but the basic ones are five: the shovel, the ax, the pickaxe, the hoe and the sword. All of them have the purpose of carrying out an action very similar to the one they performed in real life, for example the pickaxe is used to break the stone.

    Each of them can be reinforced or built with various materials such as: wood, stone, iron, diamond and gold.

    The only thing that changes between them is the duration of each and the speed with which they get to do a job, this depends on the material with which it is obviously made.

    And now with that in mind you can already learn how to make good iron or diamond tools in Minecraft.

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    Iron tools

    The utensils made of metal or iron are those that derive from the fusion of this same material and wooden sticks. Iron blocks are naturally obtained in the game, and can be found in caves or mines, almost always in groups of 4 or 6. So it is one of the easiest materials to obtain. You just have to cut them with any pickaxe (except the wooden one) and voila, you will have it in your inventory.

    To build tools from this material, you need to craft or fabricate iron ingots by melting an iron block in a furnace with any fuel, and then when you have the ingot, place it in a specific order on the build table depending on what you want. do.

    To make the pick you need to put two wooden sticks in squares two and three of the second column and an ingot in all squares in the first row (which is cross-shaped).

    In the case of the shovel, you have to place the clubs in the same place and an ingot on top of them. That is, in the second box of the first row. The ax also has sticks in the same position, but the bars go into the first and second squares of the first row and one in the first of the second row.

    With the sword, the order is a single seed in the second square of the third row, and an ingot in that same square, but in the first and second row. And finally the hoe is made with two sticks in the same order as the others, but with an ingot in the first and second squares of row number one.

    Diamond tools

    With the above you already know how to make good iron or diamond tools in Minecraft. Since the diamond ones are built in the same order as the iron ones, so you just need to imitate the above, but with this other material.

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    Diamond is the hardest material to find, so to find diamonds in Minecraft you have to search the deepest caves for a long time ( always near the lava) , or in my coffers. The way to cut it is only with an iron pick.

    Ready with the latter thing, there is more to say, because you have learned what you need to make good iron or diamond tools in Minecraft, now go and explore this new world of possibilities. And when you already have all kinds of materials, look for more complicated guides to help you, for example, repair a pick or diamond tools.

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