How to make group or group video calls using the Soma Messenger APP

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Being connected with each other is becoming more essential every day, with an ever growing world it is very necessary to have tools that help us connect with each other.

How to make group or group video calls using the Soma Messenger APP

The apps Messaging systems make everything easier for us, be it text messages, voice memos, calls or video calls. The truth is that they provide us with alternatives so that communicating with the people around us becomes much more practical.

One such application is Soma messenger , this app was featured by providing a high quality service and from the concern to satisfy the needs of the users. What has positioned it as one of the leading options in terms of messaging services.

      How to make group or group video calls using the Soma Messenger APP

      Soma Messenger has had an excellent reception from the public so much that it has been heard that it is the best App of 2015. And how the best alternative to WhatsApp and Skype, which are among the best apps .

      As far as calling services are concerned, Soma Messenger offers phone calls and video calls in high definition . Best of all, it works for free and without cost, the creators have made it clear that they will never charge any fees.

      On the other hand, it is very important to know how to handle this application thoroughly, as it is becoming more and more famous. In this article, we will focus on teaching you how to make group or group video calls using Soma Messenger APP.

      Steps to make group or group video calls using Soma Messenger APP

      The first step is open the Soma Messenger application , here we will find the application interface. Where we will observe the different options it offers us, including Favorites, Chats, Contacts.

      In the upper right corner we must select the More option, which will be represented by the (+) sign. Then a small menu will appear with several options, where we will press the third option going down New group call .

      Then the list of our contacts will open where we must select the people we want to call. Finally, in the upper right corner, we mark the option Call . Through this process we will make an audio call but if we observe, new options will appear during the call.

      To switch between audio call and video call , we must click on the option that has the video camera icon . This way our camera will be activated and we will be able to enjoy the high quality video calls offered by this application.

      If we want to go back to the audio call option, simply click on the video camera icon again to deactivate the video camera. We can also see that it gives us the possibility to place the speaker and disable the sound.

      To exit the call we must press on the red icon which represents hanging up. Something very new that caught our attention is that once we hang up, it gives us the option to go back to the group call. That's if for some reason we hang up by mistake. If what you want is to leave permanently, select Leave group .

      How to download the Soma Messenger APP

      If you don't have this application installed on your device, we invite you to download it from the App Store by following the simple steps that we will indicate below.

      Thus, if you want a better quality instant messaging application with high definition video calls, we recommend you to download Soma Messenger, as it is high performance.

      It should be noted that Soma is the most secure messaging app currently on the market . As it uses one of the safest security protocols. This means that all messages are deleted from Soma's servers once they reach the recipient. It is the fastest messaging APP available.

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