How to make HDMI work on TV if it doesn't output image

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Through the following guide we will teach you how to make HDMI work on your TV if it doesn't broadcast an image , solving most of the common problems in this type of connection.

    How to make HDMI work on TV if it doesn't broadcast the picture

    There are some debates about the differences and benefits between HDMI and DisplayPort, but the truth is that the HDMI connection is still one of the most important, at least in the world of television.

    Indeed, the HDMI connection it is available on virtually all televisions , but it is not without problems, one of the most common is that the image is not transmitted correctly. That said, you can take some steps that might help you fix this problem.

    Make sure you are using the correct input

    Since the advent of HDMI output, more and more TVs include more inputs from this popular interface. In fact, there are TVs today that even include four or more HDMI ports.

    On many occasions, it happens that the reason why the TV is not transmitting an image via HDMI is precisely that we are not using the correct input. In most televisions the HDMI inputs are numbered, which is usually shown on both the back panel (physically), either within the software or the TV menu, so we recommend doing the door check.

    Check the status of your HDMI cable

    Undoubtedly, this type of cable is very versatile, allowing you to connect even a mobile phone to a TV via HDMI. Even so, like any other type of connection, it is also prone to damage, which is why it can be damaged relatively easily if pulled or improperly handled.

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    Understanding the digital signal conditions, many times when a HDMI cable is damaged, it will not display any kind of image . In other words, when the video and audio signal is interrupted by a cable problem, no image of any kind will be transmitted. This is why we recommend that you check the health of your HDMI cable.

    Verify it is the correct signal

    Televisions, like any other electronic device, have a range, if any, the refresh rate and screen resolution are usually what define the capabilities of the equipment.

    While this is "unusual", the picture may not appear on the screen as the TV does not recognize the signal . We point out that this is rare, as most TVs tend to indicate or display "Unknown Video Signal" warnings on their screen.

    In any case, it would not hurt to check that the signal emitted when you connect your laptop to the TV via HDMI cable (or any other device) is correct for your type of TV, both in frequency and in resolution.

    Disconnect and reconnect the cable

    It may seem obvious, but many times disconnecting and reconnecting the cable solves the missing image problem on a TV. This is usually due al fact that the HDMI cable has not been connected correctly or simply because the computer or device did not recognize it.

    Making the connection again will force the device emitting the signal to recognize the TV, which in the vast majority of cases helps to solve the problem with the picture.

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    HDMI is the king for transmitting images to a TV

    The truth is that the HDMI connection is essential today, in fact there are some gadgets and devices that allow you to increase the number of ports or HDMI connections in SMART TV and many other very interesting functions.

    It is because of the above that notwithstanding there are other alternatives , this type of connection is still the undisputed king in the television market and although there are some common problems, as you will have seen above, most of them are easily fixed.

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