How to make Instagram have access to my videos and photos to be able to upload them

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The Instagram platform is one of the most used social networks today, to be able to upload all those funny moments we want, photos and videos. That's why if you don't have access to your gallery, here I will tell you everything you need to do step by step so that you can enjoy this amazing option.

One of the advantages of this Instagram application is that you can download from computer to mobile phone. With this you have the opportunity to share content, both from your gallery and from photos, live videos, reels, IGTV stories , among others ...

Steps to access photos and videos

First, you have to download the application from the iPhone device in the App Store or in the Play Store if it is Android, once downloaded open the application you must register from your email.

Subsequently, this is a very important step as most reject it and do not accept them, for which it will be clicked icon at the top in the form of + . With that done, you'll see what Instagram wants have access to your gallery , to yours video and you will give ACCEPT .

We proceed and we select the photo / video you want to upload and it will take you to the section where the box shape will appear, you can place the edition you want with the filters. Once this step is done, go to the option next one located above and on the right side of the selected file.

And finally, you will have the option of name the photo or phrases, tag it with whoever you want and it also has the position if you want to position it. In case you placed it by mistake "I do not accept the permissions" you just go to the part configuration , then go to settings and go to the wording Instagram .

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There you will accept the conditions for the access to camera, photos, videos and you will not find the option that you cannot access your files, as you have accepted it. Please note that it cannot only be loaded from your mobile phone but also from our computer. Also, using it if you don't have a phone, learn how to use the functions to upload photos and videos from Windows.

How to download photos and videos from Instagram to your mobile

This option on Instagram is not active or available, but you can download applications that you can access Instagram by downloading your photos and videos of your choice. This network gives you the opportunity to download these files , but it should be noted that it must be done responsibly as you cannot charge as if it is your own

First of all, this application is free so you can download it via the App Store, it's called Grab for IG. Once downloaded we enter the Instagram application via Grab for IG.

Now choose an image of your preference you want to download from and you will click on the option located at the top of the image. This holds the shape of three dots horizontally and opens a menu of various options and then clicks to "copy this link" .

Next, open the GRAB FOR IG application where you will notice that the image is selected, and then to download it to your phone you just have to go to a symbol. This is top is an arrow shape and ready the image will be downloaded automatically, if there is any problem or error, don't worry IG also gives you the option to fix them.

You will easily and quickly enjoy this amazing option to download whatever you want, taking into account that you can also learn how to republish, the functions that the application has for you.

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Just like on Instagram you can have a lot of fun uploading your favorite content, with all the features this blog offers you for your enjoyment and enjoyment. You also have to keep in mind that you have to use it with great responsibility , it is good that you read the rules it offers you so as not to have problems with this social network.

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