How to make my Android phone read notifications aloud?

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Our mobile device has become an indispensable tool in our daily life. Thanks to it we can carry out multiple tasks , among these we have activities related to our work or being able to communicate with the world.

Despite the importance and importance that phones have for our lives, there are times when we can't look into it or deal with the notifications that arrive.

However, there is a very useful way to be able to find out everything that happens and that is far read aloud notifications on my phone. This turns out to be quite useful for specific situations, such as when we are driving, just to name a few.

Although there are several devices that include this great feature natively, many other mobiles do not have this tool, however it is It's possible that they can read notifications aloud.

For these cases, the solution will be to switch to certain applications that allow us to carry out this function. The big plus is that they are completely free and you can find the applications in the Play Store.

      By Voice the application to read notifications aloud

      There are a number of applications that can perform this function, however, within the large list of apps, By Voice stands out.

      The operation of this application is quite simple. What it does is convert the text of the notifications in voice messages which tell you the content of the notification.

      This great application is quite complete and you can configure it so that your device reads notifications aloud when you want.

      This makes it a very convenient application, since we don't always need our phone to read notifications aloud. The most useful and convenient thing about this application is that it can be configured with the app you want and is compatible with instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp or Telegram , which, in theory, are the notifications we usually give the highest priority to.

      Voice setup is very simple . The first thing will be to download it from the Play Store and to be able to do this, you will need a mobile with a Lollipop operating system or higher.

      Once downloaded, setting it up will be very simple and intuitive. By Voice offers you a wide variety of settings so that you can choose whether notifications will be read through the mobile speakers or when headphones or helmets are used; set time periods for read or not read notifications , which are not read if a specific app is used or if the screen is off, among many other possibilities.

      More apps to read notifications aloud

      As mentioned above, the list of apps is long and we can look for many that offer the same thing; however, many have glitches or simply don't work.

      For this reason By Voice is usually the most convenient. Despite this, there are others that can replace it without any problem.

      Speaki – Voice notifications

      This application may be the best alternative to install on your mobile. It works exactly like the previous one and is able to play mobile notifications aloud. It is completely free, therefore it does not include a paid version or any type of micropayment to use it.

      We can configure the applications we want make it ring loudly or choose it to work only with instant messaging applications, or simply limit the number of characters it will read.

      The big news is that it can detect other languages , so if you are someone who is used to receiving notifications in other languages, this app can recognize it and play the message aloud.

      How to read WhatsApp apps aloud

      If you don't have Android, there is a way to read notifications aloud and it is none other than the virtual assistant offered by IOS: SIRI.

      First you need to ask SIRI to read your Whatsapp messages and it will automatically ask you for permission to access the platform. We will have to confirm that.

      Once SIRI finds an unread message, it will proceed to indicate the sender, the time it arrived, the message, and even the emoji.

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