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When we receive mobile notifications, our device has three ways in which it informs us. Being one of the most comfortable for most users, the device vibrates when it receives a message , a call or a notification from an application.

However, many times mobile devices don't have a strong enough vibration and consequently we ignore our devices' warning of the incoming notification. Therefore, we will show you the steps you need to follow to learn how to make your Android phone vibrate louder.

How to make my Android phone vibrate louder from settings?

One of the alternatives you have when it comes to doing vibrate the loudest your phone Android , is the vibration settings setting from the device settings.

For this, you have to enter the "Settings" section of your device and, once there, you have to enter in the "Sound and vibration" section to change these features on your Android mobile device. Once there, you need to select the "Vibration intensity" option and then define the intensity with which you want your Android device to vibrate.

This way, you can do vibrate your android phone louder and without the need to integrate an external application. On the other hand, you may not be able to access this setup, as some of the existing Android versions don't have the built-in vibration boost feature.

In case this situation occurs, you shouldn't worry, because you can make your Android phone vibrate louder by installing an application on your device that fulfills this function.

Is it possible to increase the vibration of my Android phone?

One of the most convenient options when it comes to receiving mobile notifications is undoubtedly the function that mobile devices have to vibrate. This vibration is what ti It allows to be aware of the calls , messages and other notifications you receive on your device while staying in a place where you shouldn't make noise.

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Therefore, an adequate vibration can make a difference in this regard. However, many times mobile devices have a very weak vibration and as a result it is necessary make the phone vibrate louder .

In this way, Android devices have the advantage that they can access several ways to make the phone vibrate harder , regardless of the Android version that the phone has.

Well, you have the option of make your phone vibrate louder from the Android settings, or on the other hand, by downloading a mobile application later to calibrate the vibration that your mobile has.

How to make my Android phone vibrate louder with apps?

With the development of new features in devices, some applications have also been developed that allow you to perform certain tasks in each case. Therefore, among the various types of mobile applications that exist, you have the option to install application on your device to do vibrate the loudest your android phone .

One of the best options of this type is Contact Vibrate, as this application allows you to configure the vibration of your device mobile according to your tastes. Also, you can set the duration of this vibration while receiving calls or messages on your Android device.

Likewise, the application Good Vibrations - Custom Vibrations it is one of the best options on the app market when the question is to calibrate the vibration of your android device. It is available for free in the Google Play Store. So, just by updating the store to the latest version, you can download and install this application to make your Android vibrate louder.

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Finally, the Vibration Notifier application, as it allows you to set the intensity of the vibration. As well as the duration of the vibration while receiving notifications on your Android.

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