How to make my phone faster if it is very slow and constantly crashes

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No matter how up-to-date our mobile phones are, no matter which of the operating systems it has, if we are not aware of its updates and give it proper use, it can definitely slow down and even acquire errors of block.

By following the advice we will give you in this article, you will prevent your mobile from slowing down. When you start noticing faults in your cell phone, you should do one backup copy of everything you have stored, in case you need to restore your mobile from the factory.

How to make my mobile work faster if it is very slow?

If your mobile gets slow and you don't know why, please be aware that nowadays due to constant updates of different operating systems, these are becoming more and more heavier , so they can slow down your mobile a bit.

However, there are several factors that can affect this cell phone behavior, such as some of the apps that are constantly kept open in background without realizing it.

Un malfunction or a damaged battery they can also make the mobile phone work more slowly, as the internal memory of the device is full, undoubtedly causing a delay in its functions.

It is important to note that sometimes the sluggish operation of cell phones occurs due to a factory defect . However, some tips to prevent our mobile phone from becoming slow as much as possible are the following:

  • Uninstall unneeded mobile applications, even if they were included with the mobile at the time of purchase
  • Delete the cache . All applications constantly accumulate useless data which takes up space in the memory of the mobile, known as cache
  • Transfer applications and media files to the external memory card
  • Disable automatic updates of Whatsapp
  • Avoid move images as wallpaper or screensaver
  • Elimina i widget
  • Keep the operating system up to date
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If, despite following all the advice, your mobile device continues to slow down, the last option before taking it to an expert is restart completely the phone and then reset everything to factory settings.

Why is my cell phone constantly blocked?

Of course this is a rare failure and if a cell phone has this problem it is because surely something is wrong with your system, both the software and the hardware. The first thing we have to do when we realize that the mobile phone starts to present this detail, is to identify it tracing the fault .

It's important determine the times when the mobile phone is locked , whether it is after the use of a certain application, after each certain moment of use, among others. We must also observe if it presents only this fault, or accompanied by it, the mobile phone overheats, restarts or stops working.

The reasons for this failure are usually due to the battery or the motherboard, as all parts of cell phones connect somewhere to the motherboard, it is possible that the malfunction of one produces an intermittent and constant blocking of the cellphone.

Another common reason is due to some hardware failure of the cell phone system, this can be detected and solved only by expert technicians . Likewise, a mistake or a bad installation of the mobile phone's operating system can also cause the mobile phone to lock itself automatically.

The best thing to do when you detect a malfunction with the cell phone lock is to consult an experienced technician to determine exactly the cause and correct the problem. If this error is not detected and fixed in time, the mobile phone may become obsolete .

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How to improve the performance of my mobile?

improve the performance of your mobile, one of the best options is to use the applications that the mobile phone carries by default, instead of downloading similar ones through the application library, and avoid those applications or widgets that need constant updates.

Keep your Android or iOS operating system up to date with every update that comes out. Avoid apps that claim to optimize the operation and performance of the mobile phone , these are not always reliable or safe.

More quick tips for avoid delays in the mobile phone are constantly clearing the cache, recharging the mobile at night and not interrupting its charging process or manipulating it during it.

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