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Quotation marks are part of the punctuation marks. They are considered double signs, they are very important when we want to mention something specific, which has been previously said or written by someone. That's why I want to teach you how to create opening and closing quotes on the PC keyboard a depending on the operating system.

How to put quote mark on PC keyboard easily

There are contents that may seem basic; but they are really important to know as we need them in everyday and personal life too, an example of this is knowing how to use question marks, punctuation accents, accents and exclamation or exclamation points well.

We now use our laptop as a means of work and communication around the world. Although some of us believe that on all i computer desktop o laptop, the quotes should be the same; the truth is, we made a big mistake.

Many keyboards are similar and there are no major alterations in their design that you can change; color, it can be square or with curved edges but the position of the letters will never change.

Also, a computer may have variability in its internal system to be more specific in its operating system . Some may work with Windows, which is the most sought after and frequent, but has great competitiveness with IOS or Linux.

What keys should I press to open and close the quotation marks?

  • Operating System Windows:

To press the quotes in Windows we will only have to press two combinations of letters, such as Shift + 2 (the number you find at the top of the keyboard)

  • Operating System MacOS:
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Similarly, if we are using a MACOS operating system, we only have to press the combination of three letters, which are ALT + Shift + 8

When it comes to having a laptop, this procedure can be simpler; its keys already find the quotation marks and it would be the same for closing and opening.

  • Put quotes with the ASCII code:

These codes are normally used by programmers or technologists. It is also a general code for inserting symbols and punctuation marks in all operating systems or computers.

To be able to position them just press "Alt" with the number 34 this will make the quotation marks appear.

There are also angled quotes, the same as they should be used in Spanish in the Royal Spanish Academy, which are exactly these ("")

To insert Microsoft Word chevrons:

Word is one of the most used programs on PC or laptop for describing and writing in Windows. If you have not installed it, here we will tell you how to do it.

Next, we will show you how to insert chevrons in Word:

You have to go to the Insert menu so that we can access the Symbol and search for these («»)

  • We can also insert it when we work with Mac:

In this case, it is not like in the case of Word that you use the same procedure to close and open. The way to open («) we should place Shift + Alt + {

We must also close at the end of the text we want to quote (") with the following letters Shift + Alt +}

On the other hand, if you want to install Word on your Mac; You can do this by downloading the application from the Apple App Store.

How are quotation marks used?

If you are typing in Word or an email, if you put yourself at the beginning of a word, it will open. To close it will be the same procedure as to open and close the quotation marks but; in case of closure, you will be at the end of the sentence or word you want to quote.

  • Example: "Hard work takes commitment to be successful" Edgar G.
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In this text I have quoted a sentence in which I opened and closed quotation marks with the same letter on my laptop. It's just after 0, putting us on the right side. It's so much easier because you don't need any combination!

Quotation marks are essential and easy to use on a keyboard, as well as knowing how to spot the at sign when browsing the Internet. When a text is correctly written it has readability and it is easier for the reader to understand this, we must remember it; after closing the quotation marks we have to put a period.

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