How to Make or Create a Professional Banner Design in Adobe Illustrator - Full Tutorial

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La YouTube's ADS, but click on them, he always looked for certain strategies to communicate with the user to attract his attention to the purchase of a service or product of any company. This advertisement has also managed to reach social networks since its purpose is to convince as many people as possible.

For this reason it is important to know what this project consists of and how it must be carried out as the success you will have once you have decided to put it into operation will depend on it. This article will draw attention to what is known as a banner.

Un banner is an advertising format in which combine graphics, sounds and you can even add texts. Which are incorporated into the Internet pages. This uses the program Adobe Illustrator , simply by clicking on one of these banners you can access a page that is promoted.

Steps to create a professional banner with Adobe Illustrator

The person must be creative when generating these banners, for this they must follow some standard measures for mobile and they are the following: 320x100 called large mobile stores, 300x250 for medium rectangles.

The large rectangles their measures are 336x280, 300x600 called half page and they are stretched and 728x90 are longer horizontally and are called React boards. Try to grab people's attention, that's why they need to be attractive.

When working with the Adobe Illustrator program, the first thing to do is to produce a new document, for this you have to go to the top, go to the new file and select Web. The work will reflect on a screen according to the available options. A name must be written on the right side. The color should be in RGB.

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Essential panels must be configured before starting graphic design. Use web-specific ones to produce variations in tabs and icons. You have to go to the layers to create them and transform the order of the elements that are embedded in the banner.

It is installed on top of each other and locks to prevent them from losing their shape. If no ruler is indicated, you must press the R command resolution is 72 inches , the maximum indicated by a normal screen.

Once the screen reflects how the document was generated, go to the bottom and select 100%. The result of the banner is reflected. Rulers originate guides that are cut on top vertically and horizontally.

How to attach the logo?

Attach a circle to the logo by holding down the Shift key and assign it the color . If you want this circle to be on a different level, create another one. Press select and a box will appear, drag on the new layer to obtain an independent circle.

You should aim for the selected alternative, click on the object, arrange it and bring it to the front . The elements are chosen, a window opens indicating to search for the strokes, press size and enlarge as desired, it will be empty and you will have to add any color. The banner space is already set.

For the logo, select and drag the banner card . Locate the layers, separate them. Create two layers in one, press, drag it and thus leaving a crescent shape, in the other where the logo is, press, drag, give it, for example, this name JSF.

In the text write what you want, assign color, size with striking typography . For this, mark the font menu, select the one you prefer and it needs to be aligned. You need to create a box, place it under the JSF name, blend, apply color, give it an arrow shape.

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Now you need to place the file, export by screens, center the windows, select the all option, this will allow you to crop what is left of the document. If you want to save it to your computer, select the site and open the export after saving. The plus size advised to use is PNG, evita SVG e PDF in how much they are not compatible. Press the export artboard and the document is obtained.

You can create a logo in motion if you want with one or two elements. Elements are merged, go to levels. The element to be moved must be independent on one level, select and copy. Press Control C and UVE. Furthermore, you can convert images into vectors and thus work them better.

So this program is very useful for developing a banner, whether for a presentation or for something personal, that grabs the attention and draws the attention of the recipient.

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