How to make or create a video in PowerPoint with photos and music step by step

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Today there are several ways to make videos, through applications or programs; You just have to be creative, know what you want to do, have the information and know the tools that allow you to achieve it. This is why you can use PowerPoint to create slides, presentations, and videos.

Making a video with photos, images and background music in PowerPoint is extremely simple, you just have to collect all the information you want to reflect in the video and with a few simple steps that we will show you later you can create whatever you want.

PowerPoint is one of the most popular programs around the world for people because it is part of the Microsoft package; is a very easy to use software that allows you to make presentations in which you can use images, text, music and of course animations. Also, you can create your presentations in .odp format and open them in PowerPoint.

Create or create a video with photos and music in PowerPoint

Making or creating a video in PowerPoint with photos and music is very simple and most importantly, it's free ; You just need to know how to manage the program, be creative, have all the content available on your computer, and follow the steps so that you can make a great personalized video.

Anyone can make or create a video in PowerPoint with photos, images, animations and even music because it's easy. You can also use Keynote as an alternative, PowerPoint to showcase that dynamic, personalized presentation that obviously expresses yours creativity with a visual and sound impact for those who will see it.

How to make a video in PowerPoint?

To create a video in PowerPoint, the first thing you should have on hand is the content of anything you want to express, namely photos, images, narration or text and music. Also take into consideration how you want your slideshow animations to be so that it looks attractive and dynamic.

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So you have to open a new PowerPoint file on your computer in order to give free rein to your imagination and start creating the slides one by one that will present all the content that will contain the video you want to make. That's where you will add the photos , the text if you want and the music that will be in the background. So you can save it later.

Step by step to create a video in PowerPoint

Step 1

Open a new PowerPoint slide, you will choose the design that best suits what you are about to do by clicking on the examples on the right. There you will write the title or text you want to express, by clicking on the text design you can get more options on letter style, size and color.

Add an effect to the background via the options that appear on the right side of the screen. Then open another slide so that you can include the photos and images and edit the slides one by one. You just have to click where it says "insert" and then select "photographs" and there you have to choose the contents and upload them one by one .

Step 2

To add music to your slide you just have to choose the tab that says "insert" at the top of the screen and select the black arrow for "audio". Then click "audio file" to open a new window with the songs and it is here which is You can choose the audio you want to use .

Then drag the sound icon to the right side, so that you opt for the "animations" tab at the top of the screen and you can click on the animation panel. There you will drag the audio file to the top clicking on the small arrow on the right so you can choose "start with previous".

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Step 3

To finish, click on the file in the top left corner. Select where it says "export" and then "create a video". If you can't find this option, you must click on "save as" and then on "Windows Media video" . You have to wait for it to finish saving so you can check that the video looks good. If you have any other questions, you can visit Microsoft support for more information.

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