How to make photo montages in Photoshop quickly and easily? - Step by step

Photoshop is one of the main tools of any self-respecting graphic designer. This is due to the large number of things that allow you to do its tools and functions (since you can get it for a low price on its official website). However, not everyone knows about the hidden features of this program, therefore today you will learn how to make photo montages in Photoshop.

And that's it, not only can you create creative designs from scratch in this app. But you can also combine several photos to create a whole new composition, based on many already created, this is basically the pinnacle of the design, because you use the inspiration of another to bring your ideas to life.

    Make photo montages in Photoshop

    Before the explanation of how to make photomontages in Photoshop, you have to take two things into account: the first is that photomontages are with every person's imagination, so here what you will see today are tools.

    And the second is that this example will be made with a photo of an animal (just so you can imagine it, but it can be anything), which will be placed in a background. As the steps may be a bit longer, they will be split into two parts for better understanding.

    To get started right away, you need to start the Photoshop program and then when you are already there, open the image you want (in this case, any animal).

    After opening the image, go to the side menu on the left side of the screen and select " Brush "and the last menu item (as a suggestion, you should search the Internet for Photoshop brush presets that suit your needs). What you want to do.) Then change the brush size at the top (this depends on how your image is and what you want to do with it).

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    With the same tool, mark all the outline you want to cut and then go to " Selection "and from there on" Invert ". You should always do this step, because inverting will select the background of the image, which is what you need to erase.

    At the end of this, go to the tool " Bow "and from there to "Refine Selection Edges" , with which a new window will appear where you will have to choose the option " On black "object to improve the selection (if you've ever used this tool it is recommended that you find out how to use the Magnetic Lasso tool before continuing).

    Final steps for photomontage

    When you have finished the previous step you will be closer to making photo montages in Photoshop, all you have to do now is go to the " Subscription "and give the option" Duplicate Layer "which will allow you to work with a new layer where the image you created has been cropped.

    Now open in another Photoshop window the image that should be the background (without closing where you have the cutout). AND using the first tool which will appear in the aforementioned vertical bar, take the cut out animal and drop it on the background in the other window.

    Finally, place the image where you want it to go (it doesn't have to be one, there may be several images that you pass in the background) and save the project on your computer.

    And voila, with that simple process you were able to make photo montages in Photoshop quickly and easily. If you wonder why two windows had to be opened, that's more for convenience than anything else, since there would have been several layers in between in the cropping project. However, if you want to broaden your knowledge of how layers work, you should find out how to copy and paste layers, images, and selections in Photoshop.

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    Time you can go to your Photoshop and start making all kinds of projects with many images already created. There is no limit to these, so there are no limits to your imagination either.

    As a tip, try to find tutorials that help you create more effects, so you can improve your montages even more (e.g. what it is, what it's for and how to rasterize a text layer), as this way you can earn the title from the best editor and designer in the world.

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