How to make tiles in Minecraft? - Glazed terracotta tiles

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Making tiles in Minecraft is one of the new decorating fads that abound in the game today. You may not know them yet, but with their distinctive designs and bright colors, they are without a doubt the color point that many expected for their creations.

How to Make Tiles in Minecraft - Glazed Terracotta Tiles

Now, making a tile is not complicated at all, but its process involves following several stages. The first thing is to arm yourself with a good shovel and a fuel oven, this together with patience and a desire to explore is all you will need. Now all you have to do is follow the steps below:

      Get clay in Minecraft

      First of all, the first thing to do is make a shovel of any material , although usually the stone is the most recommended. Armed with your tool, now is the time to search for a body of water, preferably a river or lake.

      Once found, keep in mind that clay is usually under water and on shores , so its extraction is sometimes somewhat complicated. Once there, look for a block with a texture other than sand or earth, gray in color.

      This is the clay you were looking for and at this point you just have to extract it with the shovel. You're one step closer to crafting tiles in Minecraft, so collect as many as you can. This will not give you the entire block you just mined, but 4 clay chunks, however you will need to convert these chunks back into a block.

      Doing it is very simple, on a work table or in your inventory put your four pieces of clay, you will have to harden it in an oven and you will get your block again; If you don't have an oven you can make it yourself. If you already have experience in the game, an additional recommendation would be to use a shovel with silk touch spell and then you will get the block directly.

      Craft terracotta in Minecraft

      Previously, terracotta was called hardened clay, something like sandstone, and like sandstone you can find it in some biomes. However, since finding the mesa biome isn't that fast and can be quite tricky, it's best to do it yourself.

      To do this you will only need the clay blocks that you have previously extracted and reassembled, a furnace and fuel. The most common is usually charcoal, but you can also use lava cubes or wooden objects, although the latter are not as efficient.

      Put your clay blocks in the kiln and add some fuel, this will harden the clay and you will get your homemade terracotta . You could use it like this, but the ultimate goal is to create tiles in Minecraft, don't forget that.

      Create tiles in Minecraft

      The moment of truth has arrived, the last two steps to get your tiles with which to create beautiful designs in the game.


      First of all, you have to take your terracotta already made and give it the color of your choice. You can choose from white, light blue, gray, brown, orange, yellow, green, light gray, magenta, lime green, cyan, red, pink, purple, blue and black.

      To do this, you just have to take 8 clay blocks and place them on the workbench grid forming an empty square. In the center you need to place the dye of your choice and that's it, now you can get your colored terracotta.

      Nail varnish

      In the second and last place, you just have to go through the glazing process, this way you have really reached the point of making tiles in Minecraft.

      Now you just have to take your already colored terracotta and place it in the oven, with this you will get a unique and exclusive design of the color you used . They can be used in groups of four to form a pattern, but now all you have to do is let your imagination run wild.

      Another decorative material that you can get in the game is glass, which you can use in windows, this material can be made by yourself. And you can even paint it any color you like.

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