How to make WhatsApp read your text messages aloud and listen to them

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WhatsApp has become today one of the most used instant messaging applications, because from this application it is possible to take advantage of these messages in an unlimited way , through the use of a data network of your telephone company, or from a wifi network.

With this application it is possible to send any type of message, be it text, images, videos and even voice notes, thus allowing the user accessibility in different ways.

It is also possible to have your mobile phone read these sms on speakerphone so you can listen to it in this way, which is ideal for those who have some visual difficulty . This can be done by changing the mobile phone settings or using applications.

    Listen to WhatsApp SMS on Android

    From our Android devices you can listen to our messages, thanks to a virtual assistant , also installed by default, which can help us with our goal of reading text messages.

    The main virtual assistant for Android is "Google Assistant", this will help you to listen to not only WhatsApp text messages, but any other messages from another application you want. Just follow the steps below:

      Sometimes it is possible that the wizard does not recognize the commands in Spanish, so you can say it in English "ok Google read my messages". This way the assistant will read the messages found in the notifications.

      Assistant on Samsung devices

      You can also read any message or statement from our Samsung devices by activating the voice assistant function, which is achieved in the following way:

        One of the problems with this is how boring it gets to handle the phone, because things change a bit, an advantage is that you can read everything in it.

        Using OK Google

        Ok Google is a form of Google's voice assistant, which it allows you to access different parts, applications and functions of your phone simply by using your voice. It is very simple to use, as you will only have to press and hold the start or "home" button, then the voice assistant will appear, to which you will say "Ok Google, read my messages".

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        If this is your first time using this application, the most likely thing is that you will need to provide access to messages and notifications. We will have a bar, we will give 'accept', to subsequently provide the necessary accesses to the notification bar and, of course, to our messages.

        Once we have granted the necessary permissions for the voice assistant to access our messages, we can enjoy this. But you may be wondering, how does it work? It's quite simple. After saying 'Ok Google', it will access our notification bar and read us message, message, whether from WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, SMS, etc. In order and with the name of the issuer.

        Ok Google is one of the most efficient assistants we will have , although obviously to use this tool we will need to have access to a network, via data or Wifi.


        MacroDroid is an application that allows you to create lots of tools that can give you great automation regarding the use of your Android system. With MacroDroid, you can design different macros, in order to activate many automated activities.

        Ora, MacroDroid è also in able to read our messages aloud , automatically, thus giving us the freedom to carry out different activities without the need to be 100% aware of our mobile, activities such as cooking, washing dishes, driving, etc.

        To automate the reading of WhatsApp messages with this application, you will have to follow a series of steps, such as:

        • To start, we will find the main menu and the option that says "Create Macro".
        • We will have to move on to the activation part, in which we will proceed to provide all the permissions related to the 'Notifications' part.
        • After granting the permissions, we will proceed to return to the notifications part, but this time we will select the option that says 'Notification received (Accept).
        • So, we will have to choose 'Select option', we will proceed to accept and then to 'Select application'. Once there , we will choose WhatsApp, giving it where it says "Include".
        • The system will ask us which notifications we want, so we will proceed by selecting 'Anyone' and then 'Accept'. With this option, we would end up with triggers , then we will proceed with the "Actions", that is, pronounce the text.
        • We will display a Menu, which we will find in the 3 points option, once this menu is displayed, we will select the 2nd and 3rd option, which will indicate: Contact name and message.
        • Once the process is done, you will simply have to confirm. Remember that you can add more details, such as date and time, etc.
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        This application is free, but in its free version you can only create a maximum of 5 macros.


        ReaditToMe is another application that will allow us to automate the reading processes on our phone , including the ability to read our WhatsApp messages aloud, so that we can better save our time.

        • The first thing we will need to do is log into the application and select the "App" option and enable access to all notifications.
        • Once notifications are enabled, we will select the "App" option again.
        • Then, we will proceed to choose WhatsApp from the application list.
        • After selecting WhatsApp, we will proceed to return to the previous menu and select 'Profiles'.
        • Finally, we will have to select the red circle, which is located in the upper right part. Once this option is selected, it will remain as "Enabled" and this will indicate that we can hear our WhatsApp messages aloud.

        One of the biggest drawbacks of this application is that it is free for the first 2 weeks only. Once the time period has expired, we will have to start paying.

        Other alternatives on Android

        If the assistant has no effect, does not work or is not installed, there are other applications that will help you, to be able to read the messages, which are in the notification area, these applications can read both those of WhatsApp, like those of any application, among the most used Hatomico, MacroDroid e ReaditToMe.

        Find out how to listen to WhatsApp text messages on iOS

        In the most recent updates, this application has managed to make this function possible from the iOS system, as only the virtual assistant, called "Siri", needs to be used. This is accomplished as follows:

        Using Siri

        • The first thing to take into consideration is that you need to have updated both your mobile phone and the WhatsApp application, also go to the assistant settings and allow the access to WhatsApp.
        • So that's just enough to use Siri, which is achieved by saying the following command " Siri, read me the latest WhatsApp messages ".
        • Automatically, this virtual assistant will start narrating all those WhatsApp messages that you haven't read before.
        • When you come across unread messages, this assistant will tell you the contact's name, the time they arrived and what the message says, including even emoticons .
        • Then, the assistant will ask you if you want to respond using voice commands.
        • Remember that this option only works when there are unread messages in the application. There is an option to use the Google Assistant "Google Assistant" you just have to change it.
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        Voice assistants and the artificial intelligence applied to them are quite beneficial to all of us, especially those who like to save time by doing all possible activities at the same time. If you are one of those, we highly recommend that you use one of these applications to bring a more automated mechanism to your mobile.

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