How to manage a Facebook page from your mobile or PC?

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Social networks currently include a large number of activities and other events that make life easier for many people. But what happens to those who don't have much, they have a lot of free time to take care of even the smallest detail of their accounts or pages.

In some networks such as Facebook , can handle these resources much more optimally and efficient. Although this process is very unknown at the moment, which is why there is a need for there to be information for people or users to learn about the subject.

What is a Facebook page?

First of all, you need to explain this process to know that this is really a Facebook page, as users tend to confuse user profiles with them.

We can affirm the fact that a Facebook page is similar to a user profile, we can even turn a user profile into a fanpage. But the biggest difference is that these pages they have one variety of tools to monitor the interaction of other users, as it has a profitable purpose.

Even the management and administration of these pages is not limited to a single profile. That is, multiple users can be responsible for one and, in turn, a user can participate as administrator the management of multiple pages of the social network.

Are the Facebook pages of the PC and the mobile phone the same?

When we talk about the differences between a computer interface and a mobile phone, they really look like two completely different things. Therefore, some users think that Facebook pages on a computer are completely different from those on a mobile phone.

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But the reality It is not so , considering that in both cases the pages are stored on the Facebook company servers . And therefore, any device that has access to this social network and the Internet, will be able to observe and search among the different pages created in the system.

What function do Facebook pages have?

Pages on Facebook have different purposes, each one aimed at the profitability of a company or organization. The problem is that some users think they can be sold through them, but in reality these pages aren't used specifically for that.

That is, when we create a page on Facebook, the functions are create potential customers for the purchase of a product, promoting the Facebook page. Improve the relationship with current customers, as they will see the news of the organization, make the brand with which the page was created more visible.

In all cases we see that the main goal for which Facebook has this option is to be an intermediary in attracting customers. But don't be a resource to manage sales or service rentals.

How to manage a Facebook page from your mobile or PC?

There are two different methods to manage pages on Facebook, the first from a PC and the second from a mobile phone. But we must first be administrators .

Now, being sure that we are administrators, in the case of computers we only open the profile icon in the Facebook interface in the browser. And from there we can access the pages to which we are registered as administrators.

In the case of Android mobile phones, you need to install the application created by Facebook for these cases called "Facebook page management" where we will have access to all page settings.

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No matter which process we use, the fact is that both are super easy to manage pages. As both interfaces are so easy to understand that even a child would learn quickly.

Remember that if you no longer want to have a Facebook page, you can temporarily disable it or delete it permanently.

Finally we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion Were you able to manage a Facebook page using your Smartphone? Do you think Facebook pages represent an important level for the business world? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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