How to manually index Blogger posts in Google Search Console

The indexing of blogger posts in Google Search Console it can pay off in terms of how often a post appears in the results.

Google Search Console offers webmasters multiple tools that will improve the management of your web page. One of the most effective tools that will save you a lot of headaches is the Disavow tool. This tool found in Google Search Console allows you to remove and disavow toxic links that affect your website or blog.

How to manually index Blogger posts in Google Search Console

In short, it is a way for the search engine par excellence to take a little more into consideration a publication created by a user.

And although blogging and writing may only mean a hobby for the user, it never hurts that your content can be more visible to others .

Therefore, there is a way to enter these entries manually within Google Search Console for better results.

      Check if a site is indexed in Google Search

      Before you can index Blogger entries in Google Search Console, you need to verify that they aren't actually there.

      There are several ways to check this, one of them is to use the command "Sito" from the same browser. As did?

      The first thing to do is enter the link of the entry made, you can access it by entering the main panel of the Blogger tool.

      There, the "Input" option is selected in the right sidebar and the publication of interest is found. Below it there should be a button to enter it.

      Thus, within the site, the pointer is placed in the address bar, and clicking on it moves the pointer to the top, behind "Http" .

      So, let's proceed to write the word "Sito" followed by a colon. Which will result in the following: " site: http://site address ".

      In this way, it is pressed "Enter" and it will give us a result in Google. It can be empty or unsearched, which means it is not indexed.

      However, if the website or entry's address is found at the time of the scan, it is attached to Search.

      After following these steps, we recommend that you check if Google has correctly indexed your website.

      Why is the website not indexed?

      This can be due to many reasons. But one in particular can be cited and the most usual, refers to the novelty of the item itself.

      What does this mean? That the site was published so recently that Google's indexing bots haven't done it yet .

      This process usually takes some time, so if the entry is very new, as we mentioned, it won't appear indexed in Google Search in the first instance.

      But whatever the reason, there are ways to manually add Blogger entries in Google Search Console. That way you won't have to wait too long.

      Index Blogger posts in Google Search Console by submitting sitemap

      To generate the "Site map" you have to go to a page called "" where by adding the URL of the blog you can generate the necessary code.

      This is obtained by searching the section " Xml Sitemap for Blogger ", then pasting the address into the blank field and clicking "Genera" .

      This will generate some code that we need to copy and save in a note or document, as this is the sitemap structure of the site or blog.

      Then, on the Blogger page, go to "Settings" , Then "Search Preferences" e "Custom robot txt file" .

      This needs to be enabled and paste the entire source that was generated on the previous page, then click " Save changes "to finish.

      Next, go to the Google Search Console page from your web browser and access the site.

      A message will appear in which you will need to click "Start" to continue to the sites panel, then choose your domain in the upper left corner.

      So, let's go to the section on the left sidebar that says "Sitemap" which will first expose the option "Add a Sitemap" .

      It is then that you have to extract the URL contained in the piece of code that has been generated, which says “Sitemap:” . You just need to copy and paste the link, which will enable the button "Send" and with that we will have completed the process.

      If, on the other hand, what you want is that your web page stops being seen and you delete it, Google Search Console also offers you the possibility to do so.

      If you work with personal opinion blogs, you may also be interested in working with the WIX platform. What is a program that allows you to create web pages. Once you have that and if you want to improve your voices then Google will help you with that too.

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