How to Mark an Item as Sold in the Facebook Marketplace - Step by Step

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In recent years, Facebook has begun to implement new tools that allow us to use the social network in a much broader and more useful way. For example, we have the famous Marketplace and who hasn't used this Facebook buy and sell section? If you want to learn how to use it better, in this article we show you step by step how to mark an item as sold in the Facebook Marketplace .

When we publish an article in the Facebook Market or Market, our main goal is undoubtedly to sell it. That is why, if we sell it, it is normal for us to feel satisfied. But what's after you sold all of our products on Facebook ? Well, here are the steps to follow to mark it as sold and thus prevent them from continuing to ask for said item.

How to mark an item as sold in the Facebook marketplace?

There are many web pages for buying and selling, many more than we can remember, but many of us will agree that the Facebook marketplace is one of the most used platforms for doing business. In it we can publish an infinity of products in a way Free subscription , as well as getting great deals near our location.

Also, if we want to increase our sales, we can even do it paid advertising where we can promote our items or services . Without a doubt, knowing how the Facebook Marketplace works is a big plus. Now, after they have sold an item, they can continue to ask or write to us.

what to do in that case? Well, now we'll show you what to do for mark an item as sold in the marketplace of Facebook in a few simple steps. This will not allow anyone else to see it in the Marketplace and anyone who has requested it will receive a notification that it has been sold.

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Steps to mark an item as sold in the Facebook marketplace

There are several states in which an item can be in the Facebook Marketplace: sold, available, or pending. In this case, since you managed to sell it, you must set it to "Sold" . The steps to mark an item as sold in the Marketplace are:

  • Log into the Marketplace section in your Facebook account.
  • Select "Your Account".
  • Click on «Your publications».
  • Find the item or publication you want to mark as sold.
  • On it, press the option "Mark as ...".
  • Then a mark the item as "Sold" .

That's all! Once this is done, the buyer will receive the opportunity to qualify as a seller in the Facebook Marketplace , depending on his experience with you. In the event that the buyer requests a refund and wishes to cancel the purchase, you can republish the item or change its status to "Available".

Now, how will buyer's ratings of your item affect you? Here's how these ratings work and how they can affect your performance on the Facebook Marketplace.

How do ratings affect me in the Facebook marketplace?

After you have sold your product and marked it this way, the buyer will have the opportunity to evaluate his experience with you as a seller .

But what does this consist of? Well, these assessments work in a very similar way to those available in the famous Mercado Libre, which affect the user's reputation . Buyers can rate their experience with a seller on a five-star system, which means excellent, good, fair, poor, and very poor.

Only someone who has made a purchase from said seller can evaluate it, so that no deceit or false information about the person is presented.

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This function is available only in the mobile app complete with Facebook , not in Facebook Lite or on the official page. If you use this feature often and are having trouble using it, we recommend that you search for solutions to common problems on the official Facebook support page.

We encourage you to continue to discover everything you can do with Facebook Marketplace and we hope that you will be very successful and that you can mark many of your items for sale as sold on this excellent social network.

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