How to merge or link two email accounts into one, fast and easy

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The handling you have of the diversity of communication platforms across your devices isn't bad at all. However, due to the amount of information received based on your activities, there is a need for some users merge or link two email accounts into one account. A procedure that appears to be very long or difficult and is quite the opposite.

We could not define which platform is more used today, Gmail or Outlook. But regardless of this, we can say that today one of the priorities is to create an email account and simplify all processes. This guarantees greater effectiveness in achieving objectives and greater order in all the things that are carried out on a daily basis.

How to merge or link two email accounts into one, fast and easy

Many times opening two or more Gmail accounts at the same time requires opening and exporting contacts from one account to another simultaneously. So by merging or linking both emails, you ensure some order to some extent. One of the accounts must remain the main one, being able to manage information from both accounts .

On the other hand, it should be known that the two main email accounts worldwide correspond to Gmail and Outlook or previously called Hotmail. So it must be very nice, to know unite those few in one, without any inconvenience.

      Steps to merge or link two Gmail email accounts into one

      There are very simple steps to join or link your Gmail emails into one. You need to enter your Gmail account first. And then coming into the settings section of it, you can see and hit the setup option.

      Once in the configuration, go to the menu where you have to click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP mail option.

      So, being in that window, you have to click on the option for add a forwarding address. Write an alternative address and then proceed with the Next button, and just at that moment a pop-up window appears in which you have to press the continue button.

      An informational message should appear explaining that A confirmation email has been sent to your other address and then really validate that process. To complete this first step, you must click on the link that must have reached you at the alternative address you entered.

      By following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to know how to merge or link two Gmail email accounts without any problem. Have the assurance that all your messages need to be rearranged in one place. Make your desk and all the things on it more organized.

      Merge or link two Outlook and Gmail email accounts

      There are several procedures or steps to follow to merge or link two Outlook and Gmail email accounts. You will be able to fully enjoy this feature within your emails, now merged into one e without losing any of its internal functions.

      The first thing you should do is to enter the main Outlook page and after that be there. Look for the options icon which is represented by a nut or a gear.

      Then you have to press a tab with the name of the accounts and it is located in the linked accounts cell. The options are found on the left side of the menu.

      At that moment a window corresponding to the configuration should open, and right in that space you should see the called option adding a new account. In that space you will see two options where you select Gmail to leave it as a secondary account of your Outlook account and you will see the window called Connect to your Google account.

      Right there, you have to enter some required information and, at that level, allow to Outlook to access Gmail. Create a folder to be able to split emails from one account to another and press accept. Sign in with your Gmail account, and after asking you a question, Outlook will take full control of the system.

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