How to move and place Chrome's address bar or searches at the bottom of the screen on Android

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Browsers generally have the search or toolbar at the top of the screen. However, if our device has a large screen in some cases we could have accessibility problems, this can lead to a somewhat uncomfortable navigation. To avoid this, move the Chrome search bar to Android it is something simple that we will explain here.

You have come to the right place for this because in See How It Is Done we will talk about: How put the Chrome search bar at the bottom of the screen on Android.

    How to change the address bar at the bottom of the screen?

    Browsers such as Firefox Previev or Vivaldi address this challenge by changing the design of the interface and the address bar at the bottom of the screen. While this option appeals to many users, it is not yet extended to most browsers .

    However, in the case of Google Chrome you can move and enter the address or search bar at the bottom of the screen on Android. This is a hidden configuration that we can unlock .

    Something we should know is that Chrome's address bar or search bar arrangement at the bottom of the screen in Android is available as an experiment or beta test, that is to be able to lower the search bar we have to activate the flags. If we have no idea what flags are, it will be interesting to know what Chrome Flags are, as well as enable their hidden functions.

    This is only possible in the beta version of Google Chrome , which you can download directly from the Google Play Store so you can activate the trial features.

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    What are the hidden features to customize Chrome?

    Flags, or flags as it is known in Spanish, are configurations that the developer offers the user to play with, so to speak, before they are officially implemented. The Chrome address or search bar below is part of the new Chrome Deut design that Google is designing for users .

    It is expected that in the future activating these new configurations will be much more accessible . While this happens, unlocking this hidden function is done from the flags section. Something very useful is to increase the browsing speed in Google Chrome.

    Below we explain step by step how to activate the flags in the browser , noting that it is only possible to do this in the beta version of Google Chrome Duet.

    Step by step to activate the browser flags

    • The first thing to do is open the Chrome app and type the following into the search bar: 'chrome: // flags' . A search engine will appear, like a menu, which is at the top, in which we will write: 'Chrome Duet' .
    • Push the button 'Default' , which is next to Chrome Deut, and immediately the system will offer you the possibility to change the address bar by applying the different formats available at the moment.

    In this way you will have enabled the flags of your Google Chrome browser , having only to use the different commands depending on the configuration you want to change. Read on to know which ones you can apply in your browser.

    Chrome Duetto

    The only way to turn on the flags in the browser is to have Chrome Duet, that is the beta version of Google for the new version of its search engine . This is the name of the new Google developer project where "test" changes can be applied that try to know user preferences to apply these changes permanently in the application.

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    Settings for the stable version of Chrome

    Currently the settings cannot be applied provided by Google developers in the stable version of Chrome . Only in the beta version it is possible to do this, keeping the current application with the same settings as before; that is, the search bar cannot be moved to the bottom of the browser.

    Changes you can make in the Beta version of Chrome

    Once you have the beta version and have enabled the flags, all that remains is to use the following commands to be able to make the changes allowed. You will find them in the flags menu where you will have to select the option '# enable-chrome-duet' . Once there, you will only have to choose between the 3 available options which we explain below:

    • Home-Search-TabSwitcher enabled : Add home page buttons and tab display in bottom bar of mobile.
    • VariationEnabled Home-Search-Share : Add buttons for home page, search and share in the address bar or decrease mobile searches.
    • VariationEnabled NewTab-Search-Share Variation : Add home page, search and share buttons in the address bar or lower your mobile search allowing you to move them for further customization.

    It should be noted that to view the changes in the browser, we have to restart the application up to two times , so that changes are recorded satisfactorily.

    How to reverse Chrome's address bar modification?

    With options 'Default' e 'Disabled' the configuration of the address bar it will remain as it was, above . You'll find them in the flags menu so you can get the Chrome design back to basics without any hassle.

    How to keep Google Chrome browser updates active

    Google Chrome is an application that comes continuously updated to offer better functionality and design for its users. To keep Google Chrome updates active, we just need to look at three things:

    • That's when you enter the "More" option "Update Google Chrome "is not available, so we know we have installed the latest update.
    • Go to the Google Play Store and make sure there are no updates available .
    • In case you want to keep your browser up to date, activate the option "automatic updates" in the Google Play Store. In this way the browser is automatically updated.
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    In summary, for move and insert the address bar or Chrome searches we need to activate one of the options we mentioned above. Then a message will appear warning us that we need to restart the browser to apply the changes. Now, click the "Restart" icon, then the browser will close and reopen with the settings applied.

    Something we should mention again is that we may have to restart the app a couple of times for the changes to take effect. This is because we are facing an experimental functionality , however, we can say that it works perfectly without any problems.

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