How to open the Corel PhotoPaint program from CorelDraw and fix vector files

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For a designer, a combination of programs is required to work, and in some situations it may be necessary to open Corel Photo Paint from CorelDRAW.

This is mainly for optimize or enhance vector images , as you may need to make changes to some sections of the file.

And logically, these two programs, while coming from the same suit, don't have the same utilities, as they're designed for different purposes.

This is where the importance of his lies convergence and, coming in the same package, its development is aimed at making it work properly.

      Why should I open Photo Paint from CorelDRAW?

      Typically, when a designer needs to open the Photo Paint program from CorelDRAW, it's to make some corrections to the file.

      You must remember that Corel's Photo Paint is specially designed for perform retouching and effects on bitmap images.

      Therefore, in his repertoire of tools there are some that allow you to improve defects in graphic files such as vectorized ones.

      For example, this can be removing the background of an image you are working on in CorelDRAW or removing defects from another.

      In other words, there they will be functions that cannot be performed directly by this program , so you will need Photo Paint support to run it and work again.

      Directly opening the Photo Paint program while using CorelDRAW

      Fortunately, there is a way to open Photo Paint from within CorelDRAW, make any necessary changes and corrections, then close and return to the program.

      That doesn't mean we'll have to save, then open the other editing medium, save again, and finally open the project again.

      It's not like that, this instead is a process that it will allow you to use Photo Paint quickly and, when finished, go back to the previous project with the improvements made.

      This ease is due to the fact that both the interface of one and the other are similar, so this type of convergence can be done without problems.

      Among the CorelDRAW options, there is a button that, when pressed, will allow you to use Photo Paint to make corrections and save changes.

      Of course, for this convergence to apply, you need to install both programs , each in its own official version.

      Once you're able to open the program, start working with vector graphics from within your Corel Photo Paint program.


      Convert vector to bitmap

      That said, simply proceed to open CorelDRAW, or if you've already opened it, select a bitmap image to proceed.

      Since you're working with vectors, the logical thing is to transform it into the format supported by Photo Paint from the " Bitmap ".

      This will bring up the option " Convert into bitmap " which, when pressed, will bring up a popup window with certain color, resolution and size settings.

      Just choose the settings and changes you want, although ideally leave it as is, then click " OK ".

      Eventually, the program will unlock some tools available only for bitmap images, usable in that tab.

      You must remember that before vectorizing a bitmap image you need to know the type of image. If you want, Corel Draw also provides you with tools to give special effects to your bitmap images or apply filters to them.

      Apri Photo Paint da CorelDRAW

      As mentioned, there are utilities that can only be used with images that are made up of bits, including one that lets you open Photo Paint from within CorelDRAW.

      This is called " Edit bitmap " and is one of the buttons found under the tabs, along with other tools.

      To access it, you need to select the vectorized image converted to bitmap, then select the mentioned button.

      It is usually found under the tab " Instruments " is " Window " . When you press it, a pop-up window will appear, which will be Photo Paint.

      In it you can make the changes you need and at the end, you simply have to select " Save " to close the program. The changes will be reflected in CorelDRAW in seconds .

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