How to open two Facebook accounts at the same time on my computer?

Facebook is known as one of the great networks and it can be said that it is one of the pioneers of what we know today as social networks. That's why, if you're an avid Facebook user and need to open two Facebook accounts on your computer, but don't know how, read on and find out!

How to open two facebook accounts at the same time on my computer

That is why, since its creation in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, it has been one of the ones that has accumulated the most users. Today it is used for more than just sharing photos and mentions .

These two Facebook accounts you want to open can be created from the same email.

      Find out how to open two Facebook accounts at the same time on your computer

      Many of the users of not only this network but others like Instagram and Twitter have two accounts, this is nothing to write home about. Many times it can be for business or for extra fun. In the case of Facebook, to switch from one session to another, you must first close one.

      But the best thing is always being able to open two Facebook accounts on your computer if we talk about convenience. While it might surprise you, there's more than one way to open two Facebook accounts on your computer at the same time. And they are all quite simple to apply .

      Don't limit yourself to opening two Facebook accounts from just your PC. Nowadays Android phones allow you to clone applications like Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram and have two accounts from your phone.

      Use of browsers

      Many have at least two browsers on their computer that come with the operating system. By starting the different sessions, one on each different computer, you will ensure that Facebook cannot recognize the other session because it comes from another page .

      You can use Chrome and Mozilla as they are highly recommended. If what you want is to have these two sessions in the same browser and you don't even want to download that extra weight to your computer, try these tricks.

      Two windows in Chrome

      Open Chrome page and right click, select "Property". A window should open with several boxes like "Position" e "Destination", in the latter you can find where the program is installed. Select it by right-clicking and clicking "Copy", you can transfer it to the clipboard.

      Create a shortcut wherever you want. Once this is done, right click the mouse and select "Target" o "Location" like before. Paste the information from the clipboard and add this command at the end" –chrome-data-dir=c:chrome-2 ”. Once ready, you can test it by double clicking.

      Immediately a new Chrome folder will be created with a different profile, which will allow you to have two simultaneous sessions in this browser.

      Two windows in Firefox

      To open two Facebook accounts on your computer using only Firefox, follow these steps. Find the Firefox icon and right click on it, find the "Properties" section. At the bottom of this window, add the following " -P Firefox –no-remote" . With this command you can do the same as Chrome and have two sessions on the same page.

      Once you manage to open your two Facebook accounts, it will be useful for you to know how to export and transfer friends from one account to another.

      Other ways to start two sessions

      If you don't want to use these previous options to open two Facebook accounts on your computer and want something simpler, you can always use the Incognito mode .

      Using this the already open session doesn't affect the other one. And so, you can have them next to each other without any problems. Keep in mind if, every time you open an account using this window, you will be asked for data, for all this automatically clears your history.

      There are also third party tools or network extensions that can help you with this. If you have Google Chrome, you can choose to add SessionBox which allows you to have two sessions open. Useful not only for the case of Facebook. In Mozilla's case, the extension is called Firefox Multi Account Containers.

      If you want to protect your Facebook Messenger chat conversations, you can close all open sessions on all devices.

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