How to open Windows 10 display properties: simple steps

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When we hear the word Windows, we wonder what new updates we will get; we always want to be updated on all the news they have for us and Windows 10 is no exception; Among its main attributes are all the Windows 10 display properties available and here we will show you how to open them in a few simple steps. With them you can program your photos to go like a powerpoint presentation on the screen.

How to open Windows 10 display properties: simple steps

Keep in mind that not all monitors are the same , as there are many types and sizes; For instance; you may have a 4k resolution monitor or an LED monitor or an LCD monitor; whichever you have, they all already come with a previous configuration, integrated with particular properties.

The screen is the main tool for seeing how they are all organized our information on our computer, as well as seeing the processes we are running; For many people their screens are a part of their daily life, it is very important that they feel comfortable with it during the time they use it.

Even if it is necessary to stretch the screen it can bring you comfort, luckily we recently made an article to understand the left screen , we are sure that it will be useful for you.

      What should I do to open Windows 10 properties?

      Regardless of the monitor you have, to enter the display properties of Windows 10, you must place the cursor on any free space on the desktop and press the right mouse button; a dropdown list of options will open, choose the last one says: Display settings .

      Once inside, we go to the option of advanced screen configuration and there you can choose the screen you want to see, if you have several connected. It will also display information about the resolution of the images you see on your desktop, which we covered in depth in an article; with the solution to change the resolution of our screen.

      You can check in this section what is the active signal resolution, refresh rate, bit depth, color format and color space; you can also access the video controller options, if you have one connected.

      Properties for adapters

      Each manufacturer has its own drivers, which usually help maximum performance of monitors, with higher screen resolution.

      In other words, make video playback smoother, have access to video output on various monitors; some include additional graphics features and improvements to increase battery life.

      In this option you will get a general description of the adapter you have installed on your computer; remember that you can only have all these options if you log in as Administrator; if you log in with a guest user you will not have the options enabled, nor will you be able to make any changes.

      This being the case, you can press the Windows button directly on the keyboard and in the bar that opens you can type "Device management" and look for optional video cards. Once there, it's just a matter of placing the mouse cursor and right-clicking to open a drop-down list, right there look for the properties option.

      Many people have become computer savvy over time, and there is so much information that it is now very easy to do it yourself; And now with these simple steps we can enter the properties of Windows 10 and improve everything related to the properties of our screen.

      General and recommended care for your screen

      Screens in general consume a lot of energy, so taking care of the time they output the video signal extends the useful life of the equipment. If you want to change the timeout or sleep of your screens, check out this article where we fix it quickly.

      This way we can have a better video experience , more in line with our tastes, and you can also help others put these tips into practice; The best thing about all this is that you don't need to be connected to the internet to perform these steps, they are super simple and not boring at all, it's just a matter of getting started.

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