How to optimize and improve your digital strategy for the summer campaign

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In this article we will see how we can improve a summer campaign , focusing on digital marketing. With the passage of time and the advancement of technology, social networks have become a more influential aspect in our life every day, giving the opportunity to broadcast all types of content through this medium .

Social networks and what each person consumes ends up influencing the decisions they make. So we need to know how use these means to show our brand . To do this in a better way, we need to identify our target audience and then tailor the content and message to this proportion of audiences.

On the other hand there is the so-called seasonal marketing, which focuses on creation of strategies for each season. Being we will talk about in this article.

    Marketing campaigns tailored to the seasons are important for every brand. Do it this way allows the consumer to feel more identified with the product being sold , being thought from its presentation for the season that is passing, like the summer.

    Depending on our brand and the product we sell, we can apply one or the other marketing strategy. For the summer style we should implement a refreshing theme focused on fun in the sun, with high temperatures and the need to be fresh a constant in our daily life.

    For example, if our business is food, we should give more visibility to the frozen products, beverages and sweets sector, being a highly sold product in the season . You can also run promotions on the products mentioned above, getting more people to stay with us. We can adapt one strategy of this style in any case .

    Ideally, keep your marketing and campaign strategy on the same team. This way both projects do complement each other , even being more efficient because the contents and the next steps to be taken are designed for each other.

    In case we work in different teams or we have to keep them separate, at least one person of each of these must be involved in both, having a good communication which benefits both projects .

    No doubt, digital marketing is the key to success during the summer . Especially the one aimed at phones, as many people are in other environments so they won't control their computers much, while their phones will.

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    Currently, constantly generating content is important for digital growth , which will give us an audience with which to market our products, which must be adapted to the summer context to be more successful in the market.

    If we have decided that the most appropriate strategy for our brand is digital, we must know how to improve it in order for it to be successful. For this, we will leave you some points where you can work and how to do it.

    Stories are essential in our digital marketing strategy, so we must know how to design them . First of all, it is important to know that stories are generally a space of content for those who already follow us. A new person will first see our profile before our stories, leaving there who knows who we are and what we do.

    Knowing this, we can generate stories that attract the attention of those who already know us, such as showing a more human side of our brand, showing in the stories the people who make up the work team, motivated by the summer one or the other hilarious content related to summer and beach, etc. These are a few examples of stories we can use .

    For those unfamiliar with these terms, we can briefly describe a lead as registered user of our services or our website . Conversion refers to the capture of these individuals who will become our contacts.

    Now why should we focus on conversion? Having a person become a lead is because we already have their attention, so the quality of our product will determine whether or not they will continue to purchase our products. On the other hand, reaching people so that they become leads must always be present in the marketing strategy, expanding that set of leads we already have .

    TikTok has positioned itself as a rapidly growing social network and in a short time , becoming the best option for those of us who want exposure to a wider audience. This is exactly what TikTok offers us, the ability to be seen by anyone and on a large scale, all in a generic and authentic way, reflecting later when they start to take an interest in our products .

    To have good video quality, as well as having a phone with a good camera, we need to use challenges or trending videos as an influence for our content, keeping up with everything that this fantastic application offers .

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    Be brief and visual in your content

    Another important point in social networks in general is the appearance of a brand or company profile. We have to meticulously taking care of the image and the visual content through this specific medium, as well as maintaining a clear message in all the posters, stories and publications we make.

    Create a connection or link with followers or customers

    By having all of our competition on the same platforms, it is as if we are all in the same store trying to get as many people's attention as possible, however, we don't need a large audience all the time .

    If we can build a relationship with a small but loyal group of customers, we are more than ready with our business. You can see many cases of companies or even public profiles, where they have a good number of followers, but when it comes to requesting information and entering into a contract, they hardly have people who do .

    Measure and analyze the results of the implemented strategies

    Finally, we need to have a record of each of the results our strategy has yielded, which publication they liked the most of all, which products were sold the most, etc. All of this it will help us improve our strategies in the future , learning from the mistakes and experience we have had in applying it previously. Also observing how a strategy is managed in different stations.

    What is a digital strategy?

    These strategies have to do in every sense with digital marketing, including its principles and techniques, its goal is to create guides for achieve an online goal , it can be through the many existing social networks, or web platforms.

    In society it is very typical or common to get confused between digital strategies and digital marketing campaigns, for example digital marketing campaigns are the elements that exist within our strategy and digital strategy are the things or actions we perform to achieve our goal through marketing.

    How to optimize and improve your digital strategy for the summer campaign

    It is good to know, as it is important to develop a good marketing plan, and therefore to be able to stay off the target, first of all we can create videos that make known the effect of our company or business, in this way we can share them in social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or YouTube, to be seen in a better way and get a lot more audience.

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    Videos are a great ally, since they make themselves known quickly, and we can too place them on YouTube, in so that they reach more visits and reach more people, and thus be able to effectively use the best marketing tools.

    We can also use the email marketing option, creating fundamental dates for our company or business, such as it could be the reason for Christmas or summer, in this way the digital strategy for our campaign will be more surprising, this tool makes sense and makes it easier for users have our advertisement as the first position.

    We can create blogs that contain what we are looking for, i.e. advertise our brand, for example by posting updated information of interest to society.

    There is a lot of competition, so it is good to look for allies who will help and guide us to reach our goal, obviously taking into account a good aesthetic when working, whether it is surprising and creative for the audience we will work with.

    Likewise, we must adapt to the budget we have, that is, these are essential and relevant at the time of a digital campaign, so it is extremely important that it fits the marketing investments to get optimal help in every way.

    Various advertising strategies

    We must always take into account the image or logo that identifies our project , that is, taking into account the colors, the sharpness, in a certain sense of the general aesthetics of the image we are offering.

    Another strategy could be to get ideas through other advertisements, it's not exactly copying, but just having a minimum of mentality on how to do it. researching through the competition.

    It is very important to republish our content, so that it can go further, as the days go by it might not be more well positioned within search engines or social networks, so we can publish it several times to achieve the goal.

    It also generates trends by placing posters in public places, where a sizable population travels. In this way advertising is spread and there will be greater efficiency and immediacy. Advertising campaigns are of great use and importance, they improve the safety of the objectives and provide also social benefits, that we can use to our advantage.

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