How to optimize and speed up an Android device or mobile to go faster

Sometimes you feel that your Android mobile is too slow and whenever it gets even slower or worse, we will teach you how to optimize and speed up your Android or mobile device to make it go faster, speed up downloads and free up internal space to improve performance. .

Android phones are born but become slow little by little until we put an end to our patience and eventually we end up replacing it with a new and fast one. This occurs because ours RAM memory of our mobile phone it is almost at the limit, which causes it not to function normally.

RAM is the random access memory or instant memory that our Android mobile phone has. It is not recommended to empty either delete all RAM , don't do it, it's better to learn how to manage RAM.

Optimize and speed up your mobile device in less than 1 minute

The first thing you need to do is to enter the settings options, then we enter the option on the phone or device, in this option you need to enter the information of the software or in some devices the compilation number appare visibly.

The compilation number you have to press or tap five times and it will be programmed and give you a new option of options for programmer or developer , clip this option and look in the menu for the size of the buffer to be logged or logger.

When you hit the buffer size, it will basically appear a 256k but you have to increase the number to increase the speed of your mobile. Finally you need to locate three menus, the window animation scale, the transition animation scale and the animation duration scale.

In the window animation scale menu you click, where you need to turn it off as with the other two menus, the ladder transition animation e the animation duration scale. This way you get better performance in the speed of your Android mobile device.

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Tricks to speed up your Android mobile

The first trick is to disable applications factory pre-installed on our Android mobile, in many cases these are applications that you don't usually use regularly, although you don't use them they can take up part of the RAM in the background and therefore drain the battery without you knowing it.

In the settings of your device in the applications section, choose the application that you do not use regularly and that you want temporarily disable , don't forget that when you update or restart your Android mobile it will run again.

Second trick, if you want to check the memory consumed by the application, go to settings and the memory or storage section and clicking on each of the applications you will be shown the status used by each of them.

And third, if you have problems with fluidity, it is better to close the applications that are in multitasking, you can close them all at once or one by one.

How to make space on your android phone so that it goes faster?

If your Android mobile is a Samsung A 10 dial * # 9900 #, a menu will be executed immediately, select the option delete drumpstate, after pressing ok in said option, restart your Android mobile and go to the memory, check that the your memory or space has been freed.

Another option to make room on your mobile is go to settings in the application area where you will open the applications one by one and in this way you will clear the data and the cache of the applications, this procedure will be performed with all the applications that your mobile has.

Finally another option to get more free space on your android mobile, you will turn off your mobile and press the shutdown button together to the button volume for a few seconds, a menu will appear on the screen immediately, select wipe cache partition.

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Wipe cache partition is a way to clear the cache of all your applications, finally if the procedure is finished you need to restart your android mobile. Do not be afraid when you perform this procedure you will not delete anything from your mobile only the junk you store, it is a maintenance that you must perform every month.

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