How to optimize Minecraft on Windows 10 Edition to increase FPS

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Today, many tend to use computers as their primary way of play video games , both for personal accessibility and for taste.

Both aspects are completely understandable, considering that computers often run video games better than a console, with improved graphics and often with several additional aspects.

This makes a computer game often more desirable than a console, as since controls have been implemented to play on a console, many of the excuses about using a keyboard and not a controller have been left behind .

Even with the latter, many people are often surprised that it is sometimes more comfortable to use a keyboard than a controller for a particular console.

This makes the obvious superiority quite evident that i computer from game have on consoles, which is why many consoles struggle to have exclusive games through which to sell consoles.

But you should keep in mind that all of this only applies to your computer if it's good enough to run most of the games available today. Even if it's not good enough, you can probably do a lots of games a couple of generations ago without too many problems.

But sometimes it happens that, with some games that seem not to have too many requirements, we can have problems, which usually happens with Minecraft.

Therefore, if you have Minecraft and are having problems with yours FPS, you can continue reading this tutorial, as we will help you improve the quality of your game in just a few steps, which will help you get more experience in Minecraft faster.

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Los FPS in Minecraft

Minecraft may at first seem like a game with graphics which doesn't ask too much of our computer, and so anyone could run it on their computer if they want to. However, the truth is quite different, due to how maps are loaded and the amount of objects our computer renders.

This can also cause problems for a computer that doesn't meet the recommended Minecraft requirements, especially when it comes to the processor, which is recommended to be at least a i3 3210 in terms of minimum requirements.

Therefore, if you don't meet the requirements, you will likely see the game extremely slow or very low FPS, but luckily it is possible to run this game on a low-performance computer with the correct options. Or you can also download and install Minecraft on Android or iOS mobile devices.

Minecraft FPS fix

To fix the FPS in your Minecraft game, you need to open your game or world and go directly to the " Graphic options "found in the main menu.

This process can be done in the game login menu, but we recommend doing it in a game so you can experiment to see what works best for you.

Then, we can step through the options step by step, starting with the " Graphics "that you should put in "Rapid" and then disable or minimize the "Soft light".

So you can go on "Particles" and reduce or deactivate them, followed by activating "VSync" e "FEB" in case you have a video card that can help you render everything in the game.

Also, you should pay attention to the "Rendering" section, this parameter will have the task of loading the map around you, and you can put it from the first level and go up to see what works best for you.

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On the other hand, the maximum FPS doesn't really matter, but if you can set it to 60 or 30 it's a good option for low-performance computers. This will also help you enter and join non-premium Minecraft servers more smoothly.

You can also deactivate "Balance", "Clouds", "Shading entity" and leave the parameter "Mipmap" su "0". And finally, you have the option to update your Java and download the mod OptiFine to have a much higher FPS game.

With all of this set up, you can run the game smoothly, then start experiencing many of the cool things this amazing game has, such as creating other dimensions like heaven, hell, the end, or the Nether.

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