How to pass or send videos or movies from mobile phone to SmartTV

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This information will always be of great use to us because whoever did not need to send a video or movie from your mobile to any Smart TV ? It is vital that we manage our own documents on both sides, especially when it comes to multimedia content.

How to send or transfer videos and movies from my mobile to Smart TV in minutes

It is much easier and less complicated to download a movie on a mobile phone than directly on our Smart TV. On our phone when we download it we can do it in the background; while we do anything else about it without wasting time or leave our TV on for a long time waiting for our download.

It may even be that some of your friends will broadcast it to you on WhatsApp or that the content you want to see on your Smart TV are shared between you .

For these and many other reasons, I want to teach you how to transfer or send videos from a mobile to a Smart TV. But first I have to advise you on the requirements that your Smart TV must have to receive the film.

Requirements for sending a movie to a Smart TV:

When Smart TVs were born, all brands were also exploring how to launch new options to satisfy users. It was the big step from an LED screen to an HD screen from a simple and normal menu to a smart TV, to the point of being able to install apps from the Play Store.

Obviously! not everything was clear at all, it has improved and perfected over time. When the first Smart TV came out, the idea was that we could count on our smart TV; It will have the installation of the Wi-Fi network connection via bluetooth and will also have with this access to applications with a Play Store.

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The doubt therefore arises that it was necessary for Smart TVs to have the power of Android Yes! In this way, we were able to enjoy important applications such as WhatsApp on our Smart TV. From this moment the Smart TV with Android was launched.

This is what got us reso really easier to send videos from our mobile to an Android TV and it is the only thing you will need to transfer multimedia contents from a mobile to a Smart TV.

How can we send videos or movies from mobile to TV?

Life is not as complicated as it seems! especially if we have these important guides that explain step by step how to do things. Being able to move files from one place to another or even install apps and games:

  1. First you must have the application compatible with Chromecast or from a browser. As long as you are using a device that can rely on both being connected to the same Wi-Fi, as this allows both of them to recognize each other.
  2. Having your mobile phone connected to the Wi-Fi network your Android TV is connected to, you can proceed in this way; to be able to open the application with the content you want to send.
  3. On your mobile, when you have to choose where to send, you will search for the name of your Android TV.
  4. You will enter the send and as a signal that the screen is under construction will have another color, this also indicates that both are connected without any problem.
  5. When you have received all the files, you can simply press disconnect indicating that you will no longer use it.

Thus the technology once again allows us to connect two devices, very simple and easy. In this way we can connect them both, without any problem enjoying the possibility of being able to download a movie or series on our phone in the background and then be able to watch it on our Smart TV.

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However, there are thousands of options, which allow us to use the Internet to watch series and movies without the need for a subscription or paying a monthly fee.

Like the pages that exist of free movies; or the same open signal television channels that offer their official pages. Where they broadcast their programs 24 hours a day.

Finally, when you don't know something, don't be afraid to learn and be able to take full advantage of the devices you have at home. It also allows us to have the time we deserve after a long day at work.

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