How to Paste Picture in My Email Signature on iPhone Easily?

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Since emails were created, life has become easier because this instant messaging has shortened the time it takes to send information around the world. While this is an old invention, it doesn't hurt to learn something new about it, so today the answer will be : how to paste an image in my email signature on iPhone?

And, while it may seem silly, it is actually very useful to include a signature that identifies you in your email, especially if you are a professional or if you have a registered trademark. Because everything is bought and sold on the web today, so the best advertising is to make yourself known through the internet.

    How to paste an image in my email signature on iPhone?

    Before starting with the explanation of the process that will allow you to answer the question How to paste an image in my email signature on iPhone ?, you should know what it is about.

    Basically, that's what the title says, putting a signature that will go to the bottom of any mail you send. This can be whatever you want, such as your name or that of your brand, as well as the respective logos.

    In the field that allows you to edit the signature, only the text and not the images can go, so to achieve your goal you will have to use some tricks, the first is through an HTML code.

    For this process you need to have knowledge of creating the code, as each one is personal, in the code you can add colors and images. You can use the free HTML Expression website to create your code (you can also create or write HTML code in notepad).

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    Once you have it, you just have to go up " Settings "on your mobile and then on" Mail ", within that section you have to go down until you find the option" Company ".

    After that, you have to press " Delete "to delete the default message that appears and in that box paste the HTML code. With that you should be ready.

    To verify that everything went well, send an email to yourself. In case the image doesn't look like the original one you created then you need to click the " Cancel ", this option appears by leaving your finger stuck on the image or by shaking the iPhone while it is selected.

    Email Signature Pro application

    With what you have read so far , you should answer the question about How to paste an image in my email signature on iPhone ?.

    However, you will now see how to insert an image into your signature using an application. Before starting you should know that the image will not be pasted into your signature, but that a custom signature will be created that will go into the emails you send.

    To achieve this, you just have to download the Email Signature pro application, which is paid and you have to buy from the store, once installed, you have to enter it and select the option "Edit signature".

    Then, in this section, click on the image icon that will appear, this action will allow you to import a photo from your gallery or library. When you choose it, it will load automatically and the process will be completed (you can change it whenever you want).

    And voila, now if you answer the question , how to paste a picture into my email signature on iPhone?

    The next step is to go to your mobile and start following the instructions you have read in order to have your personalized signature and that everyone knows you for who you are . Remember that this isn't the only feature of iPhone mail, so it's advisable to learn more so that you can later do things like prevent a phishing attack with fake emails or mark an email as spam.

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