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We all know that today there is no one, but many ways to pay for a product, be it in cash or by card. Even with new technologies such as fingerprinting or online banking, have you ever imagined being able to pay and collect with WhatsApp Pay?

Yes, as you read, the world is revolutionizing so much that you can even pay for your products through WhatsApp . This without using the old methods, continue the legend if you want to find out how it works.

    Technology floods us! How did the idea of ​​paying and collecting with WhatsApp Pay come about?

    Digital payments are here to stay, for years, as people forget conventional methods. The reason is obvious, digital payments are faster and easier (especially for the convenience of doing it from the phone).

    Previously it was necessary to download an application to be able to make such payments, but this is also overdue. Now there is the peer to peer system (direct payments).

    The idea of ​​WhatsApp Pay (and its functions) was announced in 2017 starting with its first trial period, the country of choice India (a place with 200 million users). This famous application could not be left behind, since monetizing Twitch streams and making money by doing or even monetizing YouTube channel videos was already something tangible.

    The idea was born as a solution for avoid the corruption that took over the country in 2006 (it was an emergency measure). Effective because they were safer and also faster payments (even with more control).

    How does it work? Will it be possible to pay and collect with WhatsApp Pay in the future?

    Yes, since 2007 it has been operating in India and despite being in the testing phase it has worked, to be able to use it the first thing to do is to register in UPI (Unified Payment Interface), which allows to have a centralized system (they become the validator and the regulator therefore both users and entities must register).

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    So you just need to have the WhatsApp application installed (the compatible version), go to " Settings "and get to the payment section of payments (it's under notifications). There, you can also pay or send money via WhatsApp to a friend, in case you were wondering.

    We have to " To accept "the terms and conditions of said application, from there we can validate our phone with UPI (this if you are from India of course), and basically it is to register our number (the number registered in your bank).

    It must be the same number because what UPI will do is connect our bank with the phone number and thus identify us. The next step will be to tell the application which of those listed is the bank or bank we want to make a payment with.

    With this, it will be configured and we will just have to select the option "Send Money", in so that UPI makes the transfer (and of course when they pay us it will be the same), so simple that you can pay and redeem with WhatsApp Pay whenever you want.

    Is WhatsApp Pay already available in all countries or at least mine?

    Well, sadly no, we have to wait for the use to be extended to all countries, The service is available as we have already mentioned in India, and is currently in Brazil, Mexico and the United Kingdom, (will probably arrive in Spain soon), but we can't use it anywhere else yet.

    The good news is that the WhatsApp CEO yes expects it to be just a success, the tests in India have gone great and it is expected that in the near future it will be extended to all countries of the world, in order to compete with the current major payment systems.

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    So keep the expectations high and hope even more, because one of the best payment ways the planet will see in a while is coming, once again one of the current giants makes it perfect again, soon we will be able to pay and redeem with WhatsApp Pay.

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