How to pay for Spotify Premium and which cards are accepted, all methods

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Spotify is an online platform that has become immensely popular, you can find the songs of your favorite artists on that digital platform. And best of all, all music will look neat with i song collaborators , the year, the composer, etc.

Also, if you are starting your career as a professional musician, you can upload your songs to Spotify and thus earn money and reputation. In this article we will talk about the available methods for pay for Spotify Premium and the cards accepted by this platform.

How to pay for Spotify Premium and which cards are accepted, all methods


    Spotify Approved Cards

    The cards currently affiliated with the Spotify payment system are American Express, MasterCard and Visa. These are the cards Spotify accepts but you will be able to book a Spotify account using other payment methods. However, these may fail at some point and Spotify does not accept them.

    How to pay for Spotify Premium and which cards are accepted, all methods

    Like PayPal, Zelle or Bofa, if you don't have these accounts you can buy Spotify accounts from third parties who receive your local currency. This option is not the best, as you may get scammed, but if you know a reliable person, you can buy it.

    Simple ways to pay for Spotify

    These payment methods that we will show you below are very useful and are the simpler option to execute. So be careful and see which method is the most convenient for you.

    Spotify payment using a debit or credit card

    The Spotify payment method most used by people is through a Bank account in your country. In this case you will only have to enter your data in Spotify and proceed with the payment.

    To do this, go to Spotify, go to the "Premium" section, enter your card details and select whether the payment will be repeated. When you access the page or all'App Spotify, select the type of plan you wish to purchase and proceed to payment.

    If you want, you can schedule the account payment Spotify every month. This way, your account will be paid automatically every month. The one thing you should always be aware of is the funds in your bank account so that the payment can be made.

    Spotify payment with the use of a gift card

    This kind of card is sold directly by Spotify and you can buy them in physical stores or in virtual stores. And the best part is that you can pay with your debit or credit card and with your PayPal account.

    How to pay for Spotify Premium and which cards are accepted, all methods

    To make a Spotify account payment using a gift card you need to go to 'spotify redeem' and enter the pin code found on your gift card, after entering the pin proceed to press "Enter code" and your account payment will be processed immediately.

    Paying for your Spotify account using a prepaid card

    This card is a bit similar to the Spotify gift card in that you can also pay for the rental from the your PayPal account . You can also find such a card in some physical stores and also in virtual stores.

    When you have your prepaid card, go to home page on Spotify, go to where it says Premium, choose the plan you want the most, then choose your paid subscription with this type of card, enter the CCV, the expiration date and the number.

    Spotify account payment via PayPal

    If you live on the Internet, perhaps you have a PayPal account. To pay for Spotify you just have to go to where it says Premium, then decide which plan you want, then select the payment method and enter the PayPal payment method. Finally, make the payment and you can immediately enjoy a Spotify Premium account and listen to music without any kind of restriction.

    If you have a partner and want the same music enjoyment you find on Spotify you can book a Premium Duo account for couples. And if you want to buy a Spotify Family Premium account you might want to check the costs.

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