How to pay my account on the Santiago Lampa motorway Online or online

The Santiago - Lampa highway is not connected to other highways. For this reason, the payment process of the highways must be carried out separately in this , if you are interested in this information, here you will learn how to make the payment of the Santiago Lampa highway.

    Where do you pay the toll on the Santiago-Lampa motorway?

    The most appropriate way to pay the toll is to enter on the official website, there you will find a portal that will allow you to easily pay your toll through one of the means supported by the web, which are webpay and servipag.

    Where can I buy the Santiago - Lampa Day Pass?

    Tale subscription can only be purchased on the motorway concessionaire website: at a cost of $ 1.783 clp

    Which routes does the day ticket cover?

    There are 2 types of day pass, the first is the aforementioned Santiago-Lampa day pass include solo this highway.

    Instead, there is the PDUI daily pass (with a cost of $ 6.800 clp), which includes the following highways:

    • Central Highway (Route 5 and General Velasquez)
    • AMB road access (Santiago airport)
    • Vepucio Norte Express
    • north coast
    • Vespucio Sur and Tunnel San Cristóbal

    It is important to note that this pass It does not include the Santiago - Lampa highway or the Radial Nor-Oriente highway and that using these highways without an appropriate pass can earn you a fine.

    In both cases, the daily pass allows use of motorways included for a day , with a time from 00:00 to 23:59 on the day registered by the user for use.

    How can I see my TAG de la Lampa debt

    In case of use of the motorway network without a day pass but with TAG, the toll costs will accumulate in it so that you can later make the payment in a simple way.

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    Process through the web

    As it has become popular, all of these processes are being automated and digitized, this would be no exception, it should be a fairly simple process to perform, as all that is needed is the updated RUT .

    Having the RUT at hand, we can perform procedures such as, review or check if we are in debt or outstanding accounts on this highway, as well as making the corresponding payments, all this by following the corresponding steps.

    1. You have to enter the web platform to pay your debt.
    2. In the screen that will appear below, you must enter the RUT, you can be registered or not, but if you regularly use the Santiago Lampa avenue, you should respect the registration options.
    3. Then, 2 options will appear, which will be:
      • You have no outstanding documents to pay.
      • Select payment agreements.
    4. Select your debt to be canceled, choose your payment method, the most convenient one for you according to your needs.
    5. Fill in the corresponding data and you will be ready, your debt is paid.

    You don't have a TAG device

    The Santiago Lampa highway connects the Américo Vespucio region with the municipality of Lampa. If you are a constant user of the Santiago Lampa highway, you should have your Uber TAG enabled device .

    In case you don't have your TAG enabled device, calm down, to avoid being fined, you can make an alternative payment a second, of course, of the stretch of highway you are going to take.

    In this case, to travel on the Santiago Lampa highway, assuming that you do not have the TAG device, respecting the various road signs, you must have the aforementioned Santiago Lampa day pass , this pass is only valid for 24 hours, but it allows you to travel as many times as you need, within those 24 hours.

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    Along the Santiago Lampa highway, open several gates where your day pass will be very useful. Remember, this pass is for daily use, after 24 hours of use you have to buy a new one .

    • Portico Lo Marcoleta - Km 11.5.
    • Buenaventura connection - Km 13.7.
    • La Montaña connection - Km 16,4.
    • Lo Pinto connection - Km 20,8.

    In these 4 points you will need your daily pass, with it, even if you do not have the TAG device enabled, you will not be fined by the road authorities. And of course, you can go online and check if you have any outstanding debts.

    How to pay the Lampa motorway toll without TAG

    If you intend to reach the Lampa tollbooth (this tollbooth marks the end of the Santiago Lampa motorway section), you must keep in mind that to cross it you must be equipped with the TAG device .

    If you don't have it, you can always use the boxes that are right next to the road. But, if you have passed through the fast lane, without entering the payment boxes on the side, you must purchase a pass in transit.

    This pass will be single use, so if you pass 3 times a day, you will need to purchase 3 passes. This pass, like the previous one, the 24 hour pass, both can be obtained online through the website

    How much does the Lampa toll cost?

    The cost of a single use depends on the vehicle type used.

    - Two-axle cars, trucks and station wagons: $ 800 clp
    - Trucks, Two Axle Buses, Machinery and Double Wheeled Trucks: $ 1.400 clp
    - Trucks and buses with more than two axles: $ 2.500 clp

    - Moto: $ 200 clp

    When should i get the passes?

    Both of the passes we talked about before you could get them online, both before and after transit, normally you have 30 days to get the subscriptions after transit, this to avoid being fined, however they can be purchased at a discount when purchasing passes days in advance or up to 2 days after transit.

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    These procedures are available through a website, this so that each user has a great ease to make their transit payments, thanks to this mode, the number of infringements must be very low for each user. We hope that this information has been of total use to you and that you will share it with your friends who you think need it.

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