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WOM is a Chilean telecommunications company offering telephone and mobile internet services, founded in 2015, has reached a large number of affiliated users thanks to its plans, prices, signal and coverage.

We all have a smartphone and we all need a way to make calls. There are many companies that are dedicated to calling technology and cellular coverage, however, very few have achieved one satisfaction level among their users as WOM,

What services does the Chilean company WOM offer?

WOM offers its users 3G, 4G coverage, which can be activated on Smartphone. Furthermore, offer 4G Voice service through which the connection to the call takes place only in 1,5 seconds and HD audio quality.

And on the other hand it offers Wifi Voice where the user can make calls through any Wi-Fi that offers an internet connection regardless of whether it is in the coverage area of ​​the operator, this is designed for calls abroad, thus avoiding international roaming.

When you contract a plan with the company, it delivers to the user two payment options , in person and online. The face-to-face at the authorized centers and online through an online payment portal that the user can find on the official website of WOM, to enter it will be enough for him to know the path of the plan owner and the information will be synchronized automatically.

How can you pay for these services online?

First of all, the user must enter the official website of WOM, on the main page you will find the "PAY YOUR ACCOUNT" option when you select this option, you will be redirected to a page where you have to enter the corresponding RUT to be able to log in, instead username and password.

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It is important to underline at this point that the RUT referred to above must be that of the owner of the line or that of the person who entered into the contract with the company or registered the telephone line.

Once the RUT has been entered, the user will have entered the account and will be able to consult and pay their expired tickets or the general debt total, will find a list with the consumptions and the amount to be canceled, once selected PAY , the site will redirect them to webpay to make the payment through the desired platform, either with debit, credit, servipag, simple, among others; all this can be done from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet or laptop if you wish.

Currently there is the possibility of make the payment from the free app , which is available on Google Play or on the App Store, you can also perform other actions from the App such as view your consumption, contact customer service directly, pay and save bills, top-up, view consumption statistics, activate calls abroad, among other useful options.

What happens if I am late with my payment?

WOM offers its users quick and safe ways to keep up with their payments and the platforms it makes available for this process are easy to use, all in order to facilitate processes that can sometimes be complicated or take up precious time for the user.

In fact, if there are problems with the payment process, the company provides a WhatsApp number (found on the official page) where it will be promptly followed by a representative.

If this is the case and the user is late in paying for his or her expired tickets, sadly the service will be suspended However, it can always replace it, this process has so far cost $ 1.000 per contract and is effective no later than the next business day payment.

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There are other services that the WOM user can take advantage of, including the use of the Lends Luca, who essentially tries to bail out the user in the event of an imbalance, charging only a small commission for the service provided.

WOM has become one of the favorite companies in the Chilean telephony market, becoming a competition for big companies like Movistar or Claro, proving that it is finally here to stay.

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