How to place or schedule an order on Uber Eats so it arrives on time

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Uber is a company founded in 2009 that is characterized by serving users through technological means. Users who have need to use transport for safe travel and also for private travel can use the services of this private company.

This technologically managed company has an internet application to install it on the mobile phone, which is used in a simple way. Uber's transportation company has grown so much that different types of Uber have come out of it.

It has had some variations due to its growth. Previously it served only as a transport service, but progressively it has also had other changes in some platforms born as a result of the main one. One of these was Uber Eats . Characterized by food orders with delivery . All users can access it and here we will explain how.

Uber eats

The Uber eats account is easy to access. This is an application that provides connection with tons of restaurants and fast food restaurants of great quality and recognition. With Uber Eats, users they can find tons of amazing and very appetizing dishes because from the application anyone can get their favorite food chain.

More and more food companies are joining this food application and delivery company. So the platform has hundreds of menus that can be detailed by the customer who decides to place an order.

This form of delivery is great for anyone wanting to order food at a specific time and not that it comes immediately. The above is part of a new extension that started working this year, orders at Uber Eats can be scheduled by customers from the comfort of their home.

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How to place an order scheduled in the application and arriving on time

Customers can easily use the account without much protocol. They will just have to enter the application of Uber Eats access or, failing that, access from the platform, from the browser, from the Internet.

Being inside the application the user can go in search of the local or chain of restaurants from which he decides to order his plate to eat. You can add any item you want to your cart and then accept the payment option.

Finally, the customer to schedule the order at a specific time so that it does not arrive at that time, but later, has to go where the planning order says. In this section it is You can select the delivery method . In this case you shouldn't click where it says "right now" because that's the delivery method between 30 and 40 minutes.

By selecting the delivery time, the customer can specify exactly what time he wants his order to be delivered. You can write the program and press the black button to program. In the end you just have to complete the payment and you will have the scheduled order for the time you have chosen.

New feature for Uber Eats scheduled orders

This new feature released this year can be specified by any customer with the simple and easy steps that were previously outlined. It works great, totally fast and safe .

The one thing customers should take into consideration when ordering is which restaurant they are placing an order for has availability at the time they are planning their meal . Even so, the app shows how available is the activity for which they are planning a delivery. With this in mind, all orders will safely arrive at the table.

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If someone places an order, it will be delivered at the scheduled time without fail. The only thing that can vary is a few minutes to the time of delivery due to traffic complications. But the company Uber Eats is characterized by offering its customers the best and most immediate attention and serving in their comfort without leaving home.

In busy times like today, this new extension of the Uber company it worked wonderfully . Therefore, it has had the hoped-for success and satisfied all customers who need to place an order.

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