How to Plant Tomatoes in Minecraft - Rustic Modulation

Minecraft is a game with a wide variety of tools for you to enjoy being creative. To get the most out of the game, here we will show you how to plant tomatoes in Minecraft . Learn how to do it.

Minecraft was created by Markus Persson as a block video game and was released to the public in 2009; but in 2011 the finished and complete version was released after some changes. In the same year was also released la Android and iOS version ; and the following year this game was known for Xbox 360 and PS3.

What kind of game is Minecraft and what elements does it have?

It is a video game that does not really have a certain or specific objective; it is called open world because it allows the player to choose the way to play your game , giving you the freedom to play as you wish; It is represented by blocks with the idea that they are placed and destroyed.

Also, the objects represented they have a three-dimensional cubic shape which is placed on a fixed grid or pattern. The participant can move freely, being able to modify what he wants through these blocks; always respecting the fixed pattern of the game.

Contains several elements of nature , such as stone, logs, minerals, earth and more. Villages, marine temples, pyramids, biomes such as savannas, deserts, tundras, among others, are also made. It also has the cycle of day and night; that in reality the day is equivalent to twenty minutes of play.

What is the Rustic Mod for Minecraft and how is it installed?

The rustic mode it is one of the modified versions , so that you can customize your Minecraft game, because some parts of the game are included or modified. That is, it is a package that contains what you need to be able to use the articles in a better way; among them are those of agriculture, decoration and alchemy.

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We then add more functional blocks, materials and new objects in a rustic style, among these we have 1.12, 1.12.1 and 1.12.2; Now, the first thing you should do is download Minecraft Forge and Rustic Mod to the following addresses:


So after both downloads are finished, the next step is to double-click what we downloaded from Forge to install it in the game; next, we copy and we paste Rustic Mod in the "minecraft / mods" folder , and finally the game begins.

How to plant tomatoes in Minecraft - Rustic Mod Crafting?

Thanks to the Rustic Agriculture you can make various crops in the orchards, we can plant tomatoes for this we get the soil from fertilized blocks; which is made with bone powder. This block has two important features:

  • One is that it is the same as plowed land, but it already contains water.
  • The other is that it's not that easy to destroy yourself. Also, in this land you can even jump on it without any problems to destroy it, being able to plant anything.

How to get seeds for planting tomatoes in Minecraft

Strive for the best seeds, yes they get by breaking common grass, from which wheat seeds are normally obtained. Then we place on the fertilized soil and in an orderly way, some wooden poles or sticks, which we will form by taking three worked woods of any type; for tomatoes, they can be stacked on top of each other vertically, to give them height as the tomato grows.

Next, do it right click with the seeds to be able to plant them , at first they will look small, but then they will start to grow upwards and once the tomatoes are ready, make another right click to remove the crop; These will burst without breaking the plant, saving more seeds.

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To conclude, we can observe that the Minecraft game has the advantage that the player or players have the freedom to create the game as they like. Furthermore, continuously update versions and mods , offering new alternatives for a well-customized game.

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