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There is undoubtedly a very broad debate between the disadvantages and advantages of having a public Instagram profile, but there are other features that also seek to improve privacy, such as the ephemeral mode. Today we will talk about the ephemeral mode, a new and interesting feature within Instagram. In turn, we will tell you about how to see or play temporary photos in Instagram Direct and whether this is possible or valid.

What is temporary mode or temporary mode?

Temporary mode, also known as ephemeral navigation mode , is a new feature built into Instagram. This function allows you to send temporary messages, with which you can protect the information shared through this medium.

It is one of the many protocols and functions that the platform integrates with the aim of improving privacy. One of these basic functions is to put the Instagram account in private mode, but clearly an extra step is needed and also to involve the messages, for this there is the ephemeral mode.

It is undoubtedly relevant in case you don't want to store the information you share. Likewise, if share important or private information , is something we recommend you activate.

Activate the ephemeral mode of Instagram

  • Once logged into your account, simply access the messages section located at the top right. There, look for the person you want to message with.
  • Once in the chat, fai simply slide your finger upward and click " Temporary mode Sometimes you just have to slide your finger up and the option will be activated.

  • You will notice that the screen goes into dark mode , this means that the ephemeral mode is activated .
  • Any messages you send from now on will only stay there as long as the chat is open. That is, if you close the chat, the sent message will disappear, the same applies to both the sender and the recipient.
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How to see temporary photos or videos on Instagram again?

The only way to see temporary or ephemeral videos or photos is to be in the chat. If you log out of the chat, don't you will no longer be able to see these photos or videos in any way. You have to keep in mind that this is an Instagram measure to protect user privacy.

Ephemeral mode has its usefulness, but if what you want is to see videos or images at all times, you'd better communicate via regular chat. If not, the process of viewing the photos or videos within this mode is more complicated.

Trick to view temporary photos or videos from Instagram

Instagram does not prohibit certain actions that will allow you to see the content of an ephemeral chat again. We refer specifically to screen capture or cell phone screen recording. These actions are allowed, however, there are some limitations you should be aware of before using them.

First, once the screenshot is taken, the application will display a notification in the chat . In other words, the user speaking to you will realize that you have taken a screenshot.

As we mentioned earlier, it is a measure designed to protect the other person's privacy. For this reason, the ephemeral mode may not be the best if you intend to keep the information, photos or videos that are sent through a chat.

Either way, if you have a conversation with someone you don't know or trust, we encourage you to try the ephemeral mode . You may not be able to see the information you submit via this option again, but you can definitely protect yourself in many areas.

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