How to post on my social networks using the Google Assistant step by step - Google Assistant

Whether you're a fan of social networks or don't have time to write each publication in detail, you've probably wondered how i can post on my social networks using google assistant ? If so, we'll tell you which steps you need to follow.

Google Assistant was released as a tool for all audiences, capable of being an excellent personal assistant. With it you can do all kinds of activities, just by using your voice. Its operation is really simple, because with simple commands you can activate the Google assistant, to start using it.

    How the Google Assistant works on mobile devices

    Applications compatible with the Google Assistant

    To use the assistant in our social networks, you need to have it updated. This way we will have access to all its functions from the beginning.

    Grant permissions to the Google Assistant

    Voice interaction with applications

    Through the App we can create a series of shortcuts, which us will allow you to access the apps via voice commands.

    These are created in a simple way, we must first open the program and wait for its add-ons to load. If this is the first time we open it, we will probably see a message to add a login directly. If it does not appear, you will have to go to the section dedicated to the settings of the App.

    Here you will find an icon for logins, if you tap it it will ask you to select a program to add it to the assistant. Once this is done, the wizard will tell you how to activate that specific app. This is usually done via the voice command Ok Google, followed by the name of the App.

    At any time, you can enter the link settings to change the text of the voice command. With this you can customize it however you like and there is no need to use the App name. With this you can even create a routine to automate what you want to post in Google Assistant.

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    Tips for creating or editing one of the voice commands

    Since the magician does not have a perfect system, it is necessary to establish a certain structure to formulate them. One of the easiest is to establish a simple sentence. An example would be saying the command to open the app, followed by "open a social network", this is easy to configure via the app link settings.

    Another structure is when we want to open a certain App and add a comment on the App. This is particularly useful when we want make a publication on a particular social network , so we will find it absolutely necessary if we want to automate our work. We can create all kinds of variations of this, so we won't be limited in terms of the content to post.

    To add or edit any voice command, you just need to press the icon that appears next to the App. Since this allows you to add and delete commands for a given shortcut, these commands are compatible with almost all social networks.

    If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Google Assistant services, you can always disable it, either temporarily or indefinitely.

    Tricks you can use with the Google Assistant

    As already mentioned, Google Assistant allows you to do endless things , in addition to posting on your social media, you can also use it as a calculator, you can say a large amount without any problems this will give you the correct result. You can also call a friend just by saying the name of the person you have in your contact.

    You can also ask him to activate or deactivate various functions of your mobile phone, such as the activation of bluetooth and many others. It allows you to create several lists, such as the shopping list ; To do this just say "Hey Google, create a list", this tool will ask you for the name you want to give it, then it will ask you what you want to add and you can say it.

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    If you want to have fun, you can ask him to tell you a joke and ask him to sing you a song. Basically, any questions you ask this tool will be mentioned correctly, as the Google Assistant will become your best friend for carrying out your daily tasks.

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