How to prevent a phishing attack with fake emails on my iPhone

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In case you don't know, a phishing attack with fake emails it is a method used by internet scammers to obtain our personal data (passwords and credit card numbers). In general, these people impersonate companies and send us emails with dubious links. For this reason it is important to be vigilant to prevent phishing attacks, via fake emails.

Currently many people fall for this type of scam, which becomes a serious problem. Since both money and lost information are difficult to recover. It is even difficult to trace the possible perpetrators of this scam.

That's why later in this post we will tell you in detail about everything you can do to protect yourself and prevent a phishing attack with fake emails on my iPhone . Keep reading!

      Tips to prevent a fake email phishing attack on my iPhone

      In this first section we will talk a little bit about the measures you should use to prevent a cyber-attack Phishing with fake emails on my iPhone. If you put these tips into practice, it will decrease the chances of being deceived by such type of emails that just want to get our personal data.

      • One of the most important aspects of the prevention of a phishing attack it's the security of your Apple ID. For this we recommend that you use two-factor authentication.
      • It's also important to update your personal information and never share verification codes or access codes. In fact, Apple will never ask you for that information through the mail.

      • Another recommendation is not to use App Store, iTunes and Apple Store gift cards to make other payments, as it is very easy to be scammed by bad actors this way.
      • In the event that you receive or send money with Apple Pay, you must adopt the security measures that you normally use in a private transaction.
      • On the other hand, you shouldn't share credit card numbers with none, unless it is urgent and you have been able to confirm the identity of the applicant.
      • If you are unsure about an email from a company, we recommend that you take no chances and contact that company to confirm the information they sent you.
      • Finally, you shouldn't either click any link which seems suspicious to you, since one click is usually enough to fall into this type of trap.

      What to do if I receive a suspicious email on my iPhone?

      Next, in this section we will show you several tips that you should consider when marking an email as spam or suspicious on your iPhone. As you can see, Apple has several tools to avoid falling for this type of scam.

      • First of all, you should pay attention to how much the email address corresponds to the data offered by the company on its official page. Remember that scammers try to impersonate certain companies so that people fall into their trap.
      • In case you receive an email with a URL address, you should be careful that it matches the name of the official website. We advise you to don't click right away if you are suspicious of this type of email.
      • It's also important to compare with previous emails you've received from the same company.
      • Regarding the content of the message, remember that no company will ask you to submit personal information through the mail. By this we mean that under no circumstances should you submit or fill out forms with your credit card number or account password.
      • In case you receive a phishing email with the same format from the Apple company, you need to forward it to this address [Email protected] .

      • You must include the header information of the original email you received in the subject of the email.
      • Now, if you get suspicious emails in your inbox iCloud , we advise you to forward them immediately to this address: [email protected]

      If you use an iPhone, protect your personal data and take care of your privacy, knowing what spam is and avoiding it will save you a lot of inconvenience. Put these tips into practice and you will succeed.

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