How to prevent my Android phone from spying on me and listening to what I speak?

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Although technological advancement is evident, it cannot be XNUMX% avoided that our privacy is invaded and we must even be wary of our electronic devices. Yes, believe it or not, we can be victims of espionage and with one of the means we use the most and it is close to us at all times, the cell phone. Next we will tell you what you should do for to prevent al my android phone to spy on me and listen to what i'm talking about.

Sure, the forms of espionage can be very varied but nobody would want you to be just another victim of this practice so common today. Even the same Snowden recommended that to avoid cell phone spying, we should keep it in the freezer. But we now know that there are other less drastic and more efficient ways to avoid it.

One of the ways they have to spy on us is through the microphone of the cell phone and that way they know everything we talk about. We have already talked about the useful functions that the devices offer us Android . And we can use several tricks to avoid spying and thus improve the security and privacy on our mobile.

    How to stop my Android phone from spying on me and listening to what I speak

    To start ed prevent my Android phone from spying on me and listening to what I speak , we need to check what applications we have installed on our device, you can use the microphone. By having permissions to access it, this case can be seen very clearly in some flashlight apps that can access the mobile microphone.

    So you need to review the permissions that all the applications we have installed have and check which ones they can have access to microphone without this being a necessary complement.

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    So, if you have an app with this feature, if you have permission to use the microphone, but don't need to use it, you should suspect it's a malicious app.

    To access the application permissions, you need to enter the phone Settings and then access Permissions. Here you can search individually each App and check if they have permission to access the microphone. If you find someone who shouldn't have this permission, you should remove them immediately or think about removing the app from your mobile.

    To prevent my Android phone from hearing what I speak, block the microphone

    If we want to take more extreme measures, but which in the long run will offer us more security when we use our Android device. It is blocking the microphone for all applications that are on our mobile, so we will not have to search which App has access to microphone or which one has permission to use it for no reason.

    Although this action may cause some applications to stop working properly or when we use them, we are asked for permission to activate the microphone. In this way the App can perform its operation in an optimal way. These permissions will normally be requested by calling applications.

    To access the microphone lock on your mobile, you need to go to Settings then you have to choose the Applications and notifications option. Then select App Permission - Microphone. Here you will see all installed applications and on the right side the microphone switch which must be activated for all of them.

    These switches need to be turned off manually one by one by sliding the switch to the left. When you take this action, some will come deactivated without problems , others will instead show you a message stating that if you take this action, the application may stop working properly.

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    But don't worry about that; As we have already told you, when you need to use some of these applications, you will be asked for permission to reactivate the microphone. Doing so can keep you safe from potential spies. And so we finish the tutorial that I explain how to prevent my Android phone from spying on me and listening to what I speak.

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