How to prevent my girlfriend or partner from following me on Google Maps from their mobile or mobile - See how it's done

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Trust should be the basis of any relationship, bearing in mind this we want to remind you that you have rights. Within these rights, there is the right to privacy and that this is respected , any kind of harassment or violation of your privacy is totally rejected by us.

If you think your partner is spying on your location via your mobile, we will teach you how here to prevent to the your girlfriend or al your partner to find you on Google Maps from their mobile or mobile phone . Remember that in this case you can go to the police before the situation gets worse.

    Device management control

    To understand how it is possible that our partner, or anyone with slight access to our mobile phone, is able to precisely follow our tracks . We have to accept that our devices keep a very accurate history of our recent locations.

    To verify it, DON'T ci just have to take a look at our location history which is in our Google account, through this account, people are able to have remote access to our mobile device which, by default, is too permissive.

    Thanks to the function called " Device management "it is possible to trace the associated devices, remotely delete them or even make them ring, for example in case of loss in our house.

    So you don't share your location with Google

    That you do not share your position with google is very important for our goal, turning off location history and device manager remote we will get a little more privacy.

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      Your Google account is yours alone

      The Google account is directly related to the proper functioning of the apps on our device. It is best to keep your Gmail account limited and only this is the account registered on the device.

      Sometimes, to save on app purchases, we may use a shared account with our partner, this obviously gives that partner great access to our device. Remember, Google's cost must be strictly personal.

      The best thing, in case you think your partner is spying on you, is that you restart your phone from 0, it's a bit drastic, yes, but if it must be necessary, you can resort to this measure. Of course, you can recover or restore your important apps, you just have to make a backup copy on your SD card.

      Other measures to keep my location secret

      Of course, all of the above can seem from very helpful to a little cumbersome, especially if you just assume your partner spies on you, in any case if they do, the moment you turn off device administrator permissions or stop provide him with access to the Google account might raise some suspicions .

      To avoid this, you can take other measures, such as those provided by some apps to send you a false position, thus avoiding problems with your partner or even, it can be useful in any case you want that they think you are somewhere else .

      Keep your phone private and for personal use

      This would be the first line of defense for our privacy on the mobile device. Remember that letting your partner know that your mobile device is yours and that you can decide whether to let it manipulate or not , it's your decision.

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      A good phone lock can be the new methods such as facial recognition or fingerprints, in any case, for devices that do not have one, a good security pattern or some not simple key should be enough.

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