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The Internet is an ally of the company, this is used as a tool to help us mainly in many sectors, one of them for example the commercial area, offering different payment platforms for new customers who have different payment methods, including corporate advertising. , since this through social networks it can reach the screens of thousands of people.

Social networks

Social networks are mainly known as a web portal, where we can access them to experience virtual communication and socialization through computers, either by adding people or through a chat by sharing text messages, images, videos, etc. Up to developing content on a main wall where you can react to that content and even share it.

These social networks have been with us for more than a decade, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great social portals that have served as inspiration for today's new social networks like Discord, Twitch, Telegram, etc. This whole large set of social networks arm in arm with the Internet over the course of the decade has undergone a huge evolution, going from websites to applications that can be anywhere.

Currently Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world, this platform was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, since then it has not stopped growing, so much has been the growth by Facebook that in recent years has bought other applications, growing and spreading more and more, their latest acquisitions were Instagram and WhatsApp, applications that are currently merging.

Why does Facebook combine WhatsApp and Instagram?

WhatsApp and Instagram were previously applications that worked completely separately, each with a different goal, WhatsApp focused on the instant messaging section.

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Likewise, Instagram is more complex, focused on being the most visual social network for its users, through its publications of photos, videos or reels, with the added advantage that these can be modified with the filters that the application offers us, as well as the use of temporary or highlighted stories, which you can have completely in public or for your best friends on Instagram.

Since Facebook became the owner of the WhatsApp and Instagram applications, Facebook has been experimenting with them, one of these tests has been to place functions such as that between these two applications their messages could be intertwined. , that is, on Instagram you can have the ability to reply to messages from the WhatsApp application and vice versa.

How to prevent Instagram and Whatsapp from merging my messages?

Some users didn't like this, for reasons such as that it is better in general that each message should be on its corresponding platform, keep its original order or that the main focus of each application is lost, in consideration of this, Facebook still has this function optionally, there will be offered but will not be enforced, we will explain how to prevent the merger of both applications:

  • We will enter the our Instagram app in the section of our profile.
  • If we click on our profile photo, some options will be displayed, including a new option, the WhatsApp option.
  • In order for this function not to appear, we need to go to the option "Edit profile".
  • Already within this configuration, among the many options that appear to us, we will see the option for turn off blending or the integration of WhatsApp on Instagram.
  • After making these changes, we save and accept, once done we will have the configuration ready so that WhatsApp and Instagram do not merge their message bar.
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If, on the other hand, you have not received any communication regarding the merger of these two applications, Sara also matter of time before the merger of these two platforms becomes official, as Facebook hopes after applying this provision that it will be easier for its users to communicate, this feature is already used in some companies, as it speeds up customer service on their social networks.

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