How to prevent WhatsApp from sharing my information and data with Facebook

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Facebook is one of the most important and popular social networks, in fact this social network was the one that started the entire boom of what would later become Twitter or Instagram. WhatsApp works differently, but today both applications are linked by their policies, which not everyone likes ... if you want to know how to stop WhatsApp from sharing my information and data with Facebook, read this article.

How to prevent WhatsApp from sharing my information and data with Facebook

The cyber world has changed profoundly over time, today freedom and its borders are difficult to define, with questionable policies . In the case of WhatsApp and Facebook, there have been some controversies that we will talk about today.

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    What's behind Facebook and WhatsApp policies?

    The WhatsApp application was born in 2009, at that time it was thought of as a small instant messaging application and was gradually gaining space in the sector. To date, it is undoubtedly the most important messaging application in the world, being present on both Android and iOS.

    Many things have happened since 2009, but one of the most relevant for WhatsApp is its purchase by Facebook. In 2014 Facebook has officially bought the WhatsApp application , many things have changed since that time.

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    After purchasing Facebook from WhatsApp

    The purchase by Facebook has made the application grow further, expanding its use to levels never seen before. As in the case of the placement of the WhatsApp button on your Facebook page, this and many other functions have made it what it is today, one of the most important applications in the mobile phone industry.

    However, not all is positive, after the purchase of Facebook, the WhatsApp application has undergone some changes. Some of these changes were minor and insignificant, but others were quite noticeable, creating debate among many users.

    Undoubtedly one of the major changes that has generated more debate and criticism is the change in privacy policies. You may not know this, but Facebook can get certain data from WhatsApp.

    In fact, while using the WhatsApp application, the system stores data which he could use later if deemed necessary, most likely to bid on products but also to improve the system. The truth is that users have not taken it in the best way, although there are ways to avoid it.

    How to prevent WhatsApp from sharing my information and data with Facebook

    There is a way to prevent WhatsApp from sending information to Facebook . Indeed, the procedure for accomplishing this task is very simple, but understanding that the developers of Facebook and WhatsApp are not interested in this, it is not very well known.

    To disable the sending of information from WhatsApp to Facebook, proceed as follows:

      Once the aforementioned option is disabled, WhatsApp will stop sharing information with Facebook . Do this if you are interested in your privacy.

      If the option doesn't appear, don't worry, the truth is that some users don't have this option enabled, which is perfectly normal.

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