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From May 28, 2015, Google Photos was born to make life easier for photography lovers. Hence, it is a special application to save photos and images in the cloud without taking up too much space.

It is true that the application is a bit heavy, but don't worry, if you free up space on the internal memory it won't be a problem. We know you're here to see if you can print and retrieve those images , and yes, you can do it from the same application. Next we will show you how to do it step by step.

How to print photos and images from Google Photos gallery Is it possible? - Google Photos

Print images from Google Photos

Incredibly, from the same application you will be able to quickly print all the photos you want , you no longer have to go to a print shop with a USB and risk having your photos printed incorrectly. You can do it from your mobile in the comfort of your home in just two steps.

Steps to print photos and images from Google Photos

The first thing you should do is select the photos and images you want to print, you can print the images you want and even modify them for a better result . Then, you need to click on the shopping cart which is at the top right. This option will send you to the layout screen.

Once these steps have been completed, define the cover and select the "Pay" option, if you print about 20 images the cost can vary between 18 or 20 euros.

Why use Google Photos

Surely you wonder why you should use Google Photos when your mobile or computer already has its own photo gallery. The answer is very simple, Google Photos offers you great benefits, including the print your photos from home . But to show you the benefits it offers you, we've put together a list that will make it very clear why.

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It has all the features you need

With Google Photos you can classify your pictures and create albums to keep your images and photos in order. It also allows you to share your images with the applications you want, such as social networks, editors and many more.

It provides you with a backup of your images

Surely you have accidentally deleted some important photograph or image and you cannot go back in time. Well, Google Photos gives you the opportunity to recover deleted pictures and videos creating a backup copy of each image.

To activate this configuration, select the backup in the "Security Settings" and that's it. Whenever you connect to a WiFi network, the backup will start automatically.

It has an efficient search engine

Google Photos doesn't just offer you a simple search engine, it allows you to take advantage of a search engine with artificial intelligence which allows you to find your images for years or keywords.

Offers you a personal assistant

Although the assistant that Google Photos offers you is not like the Assistant, it is very effective, as it is responsible for show you images related to your search content . Identify everything related to the activity you are doing within the application.

It has an excellent photo editor

This option is extremely useful, as it offers great options such as adjusting images, filters, cropping, improving their appearance and even creating a collage easily.

It allows you to create shared albums

If you're a photography lover and find yourself constantly sharing them, you'll love this Google Photos option. You can continue sharing with your family and friends by simply adding them to your account. Above all, you have always checking and if someone deletes an image it will not be deleted for you.

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Google Photos automatically frees up space on your phone

This advantage offered by Google Photos is undoubtedly spectacular, when your images are automatically backed up, the Google Photos application will notify you and delete the images from your mobile, optimizing the space. Only by selecting the option " Free up space "you will have a safe and reliable optimizer in your gallery.

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