How to properly install and configure Wine in Ubuntu Linux step by step

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Ubuntu is a popular Linux operating system that has been used by many people around the world. And it's completely understandable, since it really is easy to use , as well as being completely free. And, as with any good operating system today, there are some platforms that allow us to run some special options in Ubuntu.

One of those useful platforms is Wine. If you have a computer with Ubuntu and want to get the most out of it with Wine, don't worry, because right here we show you how to properly install and configure Wine in Ubuntu Linux step by step . With the steps we will provide you below, you can reach it easily and quickly.

    How to properly install Wine on Ubuntu?

    Given that Ubuntu is such a widely used and well-known operating system lately, there is no doubt that those who have it want to enjoy the options it offers as much as possible. But, although this is an operating system of excellent quality , there are some things people might miss about the famous Windows.

    Someone running Ubuntu may want to download a native Windows game or app for one reason or another. And that's when wine enters the scene. This practical platform allows Ubuntu users to download, install and run any Windows software they want in the blink of an eye.

    Thanks to Wine, downloading programs in Ubuntu, regardless of whether they come from Windows, has now become quite possible. And there are also ways to emulate Windows on a mobile phone to perform certain tasks.

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    Steps to follow to successfully install this platform

    use Wine in Ubuntu there are some details you need to take into consideration. For example, you need to remember that you need to have a 84-bit x32 or a 86-bit x64, as well as a Unix-like system. If you have these requirements, you need to go to the official Wine HQ page, then follow the steps below:

    • On the aforementioned page, go to the "Download Wine Source" section.
    • Once there, download the source code package .

    That's all you need to do to download Wine on Ubuntu, and as you can see, it's really easy. Now, all you need to do is configure Wine so that it can fully run on your computer.

    How to configure Wine correctly in Ubuntu?

    While it may seem a little difficult at first to set up Wine in Ubuntu, it's actually quite simple if you follow the steps below to the letter. Once you've downloaded Wine in Ubuntu, all you need to do to set it up and start using it is:

    • Open a terminal on your computer by pressing "CTRL + ALT + T".
    • Once there, to enable the 42-bit architecture and make it easier to use, enter the code "sudo dpkg - add-architecture i386".
    • When you do this, you need to import the keys and then add them to the system using the command "wget ​​-nc https: //" "sudo apt-key add Key .of.releasing ".
    • Then, you need to add a repository to the system by typing in the terminal "sudo apt-add-repository" and "sudo apt-add-repository ´deb https: // artful main´ ".
    • Finally, what you need to do to install and start using Wine correctly in Ubuntu, is to enter the following code in the terminal "sudo apt-get install - install-recomends winehq-stable".
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    Simple as that! This way you will have already installed and correctly configured the Wine platform in Ubuntu. Now you can free download of Windows apps in Ubuntu , regardless of whether they are 32 or 64 bit, thanks to the excellent quality of this useful platform. And if at any time you decide that you no longer need it, it will be very easy to uninstall this program from the terminal.

    You should also know that you can download games with Wine, but that's not the only platform for doing so. You can install Windows games on Linux using Steam Play. The process will also be very simple.

    Knowing more about how our computers work and all the options they offer can be extremely beneficial for everyone. We hope that all of this information on how to install and configure Wine in Ubuntu will help you achieve it and that you can enjoy the many improvements that technology can bring to our lives.

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