How to properly use or use emojis in content marketing

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Marketing is a very common term nowadays, and also a very popular profession, since it is a method that manages to increase the profitability of the companies that day after day are establishing themselves in the market.

Each of the professionals working in this medium has different strategies that allow them to achieve their goals established by the business, and therefore through this article you will learn about one of the most used.

    What is an emoji and what is its function?

    Emojis are classified as pictograms, in other words, small "images" and are used for convey more elaborate ideas through messages. They represent a revolution in the way we speak through digital media and are mainly used through social networks and messaging applications.


    The emoticons are more basic versions of emojis , these are created through the basic characters of computer science, for example 'J' is one of the most basic emoticons that exist. The purpose of emoticons is to express ideas and thoughts quickly and effectively.

    Wall Stickers

    They are perhaps the latest revolution in digital communication. The stickers are both pictures that GIF (animated images) that are sent via social networks and applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram. It's a quick way to express different thoughts.


    GIFs are animated images, that is small video excerpts which can be shared quickly through the Internet or social networks. They are still widely used today, mainly through platforms such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

    Impact of emojis, within messages

    The way we communicate has evolved a lot, currently networks like WhatsApp and Telegram are the rule and the emojis are very common . Emojis have also greatly changed the way we express our ideas, helping us to express complex thoughts graphically and very quickly.

    Virtually everyone uses emojis today, because they are a fresh and fun way to communicate . In turn, they also help highlight the sentiment in the messages. With emojis, you can very easily express annoyance, joy or sadness, as well as other emotions.

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    Differences between emoticons, emojis and stickers

    Emoticons are graphic representations that they only use characters , emojis, on the other hand, are practically drawings that perform the same function. Finally, the stickers can be complex images of all kinds or even GIFs, in fact the stickers can be extracted from the most disparate photographs, films and audiovisual content.

    There are no rules for communicating using emojis, however, the basic communication rules also apply to this way of expressing yourself. In other words, it is important that our message makes sense , so emojis should be used according to the general sentiment and it is essential to know their meaning.

    It is also not recommended to abuse it, since you could saturate the conversation . On the other hand, learn when it is good to use them and when it is not, for example, it is not recommended for serious conversations or for work.

    What should you keep in mind before using emojis in your marketing campaign?

    Before implementing this strategy, any user who wants to improve the success of their company must know that the correct use of these characters is what will guarantee the expected results .

    One of the main recommendations made to marketers is know the context in which you want to promote , so that content can be used in your favor, such as image banks, and in this case emojis.

    Also, it is very important to use the appropriate icon to describe the emotion. Day after day, emoji designers implement new content to make it a more inclusive tool.

    Last but not least, you should also remember to do not abuse these symbols , because doing so will have the opposite effect to that required.

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    Learn how to implement emojis in marketing your product

    Taking the above into account, adding these little symbols will be very simple, since humans have adapted it to their day to day.

    Emojis are usually embedded in publications or contexts present in social networks , and this does not mean that they cannot be added in any other medium, but that this is represented as the appropriate platform for their use.

    Therefore, to implement emojis in your marketing campaign, it will be enough to design your interest stimulus, based on what the content wants to inform the community.

    Also, find the way these little symbols manage to attract the attention of the viewer , as well as making him feel identified with what the icon and its message convey.

    Finally, and for simple aesthetic reasons, the professional or user who intends to use this marketing strategy must take into account the appropriate position for these emojis, as well as the number of insertions that are made in the context.

    The above is clarified with reference to the desire not to disturb the reader's vision, but on the contrary, to incite him to stay and to be interested in the content .

    Use of emojis in advertising

    Emojis attract attention and are embedded in the psyche of the current generation, so they are a good way to get their attention. Well applied they are an excellent advertising tool, in any case must be handled properly .

    The above tips on applying emojis in marketing are just the tip of the iceberg. In any case, if you want to convey a cheerful and impactful message for your business, do not hesitate to do it advertisement with weird emojis .

    Where to find and download emojis?

    Perhaps the most relevant thing about emojis is that I'm everywhere , we find them on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter and practically any social or communication network. In any case, if you want to use them in an advertising strategy, you need to take some measures.

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    The first functional idea for get emojis for your advertising campaigns is to use Google images, but be sure to download copyright-free images. Also on Android you can choose applications, where you will find good quality emojis.

    Why did emojis start being used in digital marketing?

    This business science prevails over any other methodology that seeks to improve a company's flow of success, because it uses an exhaustive study of the population that consumes a product and the way to get their attention more .

    Emojis have increased in use since their implementation in social networks, and for this reason the marketing that is distributed on these platforms tends to use this type of fonts.

    It should be noted that the use of these amazing little designs goes hand in hand with the theory, psychology and meaning of the color palette for advertising a product.

    Impact of emojis within messaging

    To consider using a new marketing technique, you need to ensure its effectiveness through studies of commonly consuming populations .

    In the last decade it has been shown that those publications that contain emojis have been shown to achieve greater interaction, due to the way they express people's emotions, highlighting the youth population among them.

    For example, on constantly busy social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, they tend to receive more than 40% of the interactions if they add at least one of these particular characters.

    Thanks to this, the use of emojis is one of the most common tips for improving your marketing strategy when it comes to attracting attention on the internet.

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