How to protect my chats or conversations on my Telegram with a lock code or access code

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There is a wide variety of instant messaging applications, today we will talk about one of the main skills of WhatsApp, if so we will talk about Telegram and one of its most important functions, when protecting our chats or information.

Sometimes we would like to be able to protect each of our chats, to prevent another person from reviewing it, and this is possible through Telegram, as it will allow us to protect them using a password or access code , which is impossible to do. in the official WhatsApp application.

Well then we will explain what this app is about, in case you don't know it, what other functions it has, but mainly how to encrypt or protect messages.

    What is Telegram?

    Telegram is one of the many instant messaging applications with the most downloads in the app stores, as it is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. From this application you can perform all the functions of WhatsApp and an additional amount .

    Until now, the one thing it doesn't have in common is being able to make a fuss of 24 hours, but instead you can join channels meant for playing music, series and movies, so you can chat while playing your favorite media.

    You can also send stickers and even video messages, have secret messages and chats self-destruct, and it's even possible to put more than two images in your profile photo, among other tricks and options. But we're here today to teach you how to encrypt your messages.

    Why use the Telegram lock?

    This application is characterized by providing total security to its users, for this reason it has implemented among the privacy options the possibility of encrypting the conversations it represents with the padlock icon.

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    The functionality of this option is "secret chat", which means that when you activate it in a conversation with a specific contact, it is easy to send a message to that contact, be it pictures, videos or text and it will disappear over time. you decide, it can be between 1 and 30 seconds, an hour, a day or disappears at the time of reading. It also ensures that no other person can read your conversations, as it uses end-to-end encryption; hence, the instant messaging application indicates that its users' chats are protected by third parties. Finally, it should be noted that this feature does not allow forwarding of messages to other users.

    Likewise, in the FAQ forum of this application, it is indicated that it is designed for people who require more security in their conversations due to the type of data they refer to as opposed to average people and moreover, it should be noted that when you activate the block, the conversations are not part of the Telegram cloud, so you can only access these conversations from the source device.

    How to block a Telegram chat

    The main goal of this feature is simple, it just tries to prevent people outside of us from take a look at our chats without our consent. This can be done on both operating systems.

    Password for Telegram chat on Iphone


      Yes, it is also possible to download Telegram on the PC and block these messages from the application on our computers, the process is quite similar to Android devices.

        I have already set the password, now what?

        Simple, once the password is set and saved on any of the systems listed above. You just have to go to the chat room, where you can see a open padlock in the upper right corner of the screen.

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        You just have to press on it for an automatic blocking of all chats to occur, to be able to see them is enough enter password And that's it.

        In case you want to deactivate the lock function again, follow the same steps and deactivate the option switch or press " disable code "in case of doing it from Windows.

        How to recover the Telegram lock code if I have forgotten it

        As mentioned earlier in this article, this application has gained favoritism among its users due to its veracity and speed, and its creators have also worked hard to keep it running smoothly. In this way the loss of the password or the loss of the devices containing the application is serious, but it is not impossible to recover it. Here we will teach you the steps so that you can retrieve the Telegram lock code in two ways, via the text message of the number we first registered in this service or via the email we had indicated from the Start:

        Recovery via text message

        This answer can be applied to both iOS and Android operating systems.

          Email recovery

          If you have active email verification, the steps are similar to the above, you just need to know which email to register when you enter the application:

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