How to protect your Gmail password: Increase the security of your account

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It is common today that as one of the most used tools, email is very valuable to most people. That is why we are teaching you today how to protect your gmail password so you can increase the security of your account.

      How can you protect your Gmail password to make it more secure?

      Since so much potentially revealing personal information can be found in every person's Gmail account, it's in everyone's best interest to know how to enhance or protect their privacy.

      That's why here we give you simple tips so that you can protect your Gmail account password and then you can increase security and use it with total peace of mind.

      Choose your Gmail account password carefully

      Something that can help you keep your Gmail password well protected is that you take the steps from the beginning. Choose well Password of your Gmail account is essential to protect it from any malicious person who wants to access your email. Try to make it easy but secure, however in case you forget it you can easily get your account back.

      In order to choose a strong password to protect your Gmail account, we encourage you to follow the suggestions below:

      • Try to create passwords with 8 or more digits , since those passwords that can be very short or weak, are considered easy prey for hackers.
      • Create a password that is variable or difficult to crack. Try to try different signs, numbers and letters available on the keyboard.
      • Create passwords that are easy to remember, but hard to crack. Maybe you can try to mix up phrases or words that you use in your daily life but that only you know.

      Remember, before you create a password, you need to make sure you remember it. You may be able to write it down, but be careful not to write it down in a place where someone who wants to harm or affect your Gmail account could easily access it.

      Like most people, you are surely interested in knowing how to enter a password on any app and thus block them from any damage that could damage it, as is the case with your Gmail account.

      How else can you protect your Gmail password?

      Because Google really cares about the safety and integrity of its users, there's more than one way to increase it security of your Gmail account and protect your Gmail account password.

      Use the Advanced Security Plan

      At Google they continue to surprise us with the great security they offer to the people who use them. Indeed, a tool that Google offers for protect passwords and therefore the accounts of its users, is the Advanced Protection Program .

      This program allows people who have extremely personal or revealing information to protect their Gmail account from people who want to access it to get this information.

      Some of the benefits of using this feature in your Google Accounts are:

      • Prevent hackers or hackers from accessing your Gmail account.
      • It is a really effective tool against identity theft.
      • It protects you from fraudulent pages that can steal your information.

      As you will see, using this feature in your Gmail account can give you real protection against the dangers that are so common today. And not only that, but it is really easy to use .

      All you have to do, as Google's official website says, is buy two cheap official Google security keys and then register them to your Gmail account.

      As you may have noticed, it's really easy to protect your Gmail password and be able to increase security .

      Another thing you should do to keep your Gmail password secure is to constantly update the software of your different devices, as otherwise, hackers are more likely to gain access to your account more easily.

      You can be completely sure that if you listen to all these tips when you want to protect your Gmail password, you will achieve your goal and keep your Gmail account completely safe .

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