How to Publish in Marketplace Why don't you let me publish?

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Par excellence, Facebook is considered one of the best applications, for all the functions it offers. One of them is Marketplace which allows you to safely sell all kinds of products, helping you to thrive with your business, many platform users have wondered how to publish in Marketplace? Why don't you let me post? As it was presented, some people who use it cannot publish.

Marketplace is a very useful tool that brings great benefits to your business. To make a publication to make yourself known to the public, you will need to follow a series of steps, which will help you publish without errors occurring.

How to publish your products in the Marketplace?

Basically, Marketplace is the medium to buy and sell that Facebook has where you can publish any product you want ; users observe it and write to the seller in order to make the purchase. To make these publications, what is most recommended is creativity.

The first thing you should do is activate Facebook Marketplace to use it from your mobile. Go to Facebook and then click on Marketplace; press +, then select «Item for sale» to create a new post. Now write a title, the price you want the product to have, the position and search for the article category.

You can enter a description to explain the product, upload a photo of the item you offer; the best thing is that you take a picture with one good quality and lighting. Check that nothing is missing and press the 'Publish' button. 

This way, you will have already successfully published your product. What is most recommended is that you strive to make one quality publication that is attractive to the public, with clear photos and information.

Why doesn't Marketplace allow you to post?

This error can arise due to various factors, if during the publication we observe that it indicates 'There are problems with the product', it means it is in violation of trade policies of the site. It may happen that you wrote something that Facebook did not like very much or that the product you sell is not allowed on the platform.

It must be said that you can only sell physical products, you cannot offer services (cleaning of places). Likewise, if the description and photo do not match, they must have the same information, which otherwise will not be allowed. Nor can you sell animals, even if they are pets, it is forbidden to offer them through the application. For this reason, look for the products to be the best to sell on the internet.

No as soon as the error message appears, you can delete the publication to create a new one. Other factors that could cause this error are your internet connection. Likewise, a mistake can arise when we publish the same product too many times, what you have to do is wait small periods of time before making a new publication and writing new titles.

On the other hand, try to publish from your PC, some users believe that it is much better to do it from your computer because that is why there are fewer problems and the application can crash on the phone. To avoid new errors, update Facebook to the latest version.

Recommendations for making the best publications in the Marketplace

Publications are the most important, because they are what allow you to offer your products to many people. Any user who needs making a purchase will search for a seller that has a good image, an excellent presentation that attracts attention, and also provides security. 

The first thing to keep in mind is: Mail several product photos, this will allow the salesperson to observe your work, which can be shared with their closest friends or family.

Write correctly in the publication, if you put a clear and understandable message it will be much better. This will allow you to attract more audience ; use keywords and don't write too much.

Reply with kindness to your customers. There is nothing better than a seller providing all the necessary information to customers, this makes them feel comfortable with your service and want to buy more of your products in the future.

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