How to put a profile picture on Facebook that looks complete

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The popular social network Facebook is one of the most used at the moment , surpassing the percentage of growth millions and millions are users who use it, has a great history that began in October 2004. Since then interests have been shared in common and more personal data.

Interest in this social network is grew more and more quite formidably, at this time it has had a name change and many changes.

Its first start was exclusively for universities, but with its exponential growth it reached the whole world . What's true is that our profile photo has always been important, it has been a prominent symbol ever since. And today it still remains our cover letter to all people on Facebook.

The profile photo was an indication of something pleasing to the eye and was even more so when the change was made. Currently the profile photo is however also important for greater reliability, our cover letter. Next we will show you how to fully insert this photo into your profile .

How to put a profile picture on Facebook that looks complete?

Today Facebook has multiple tools from privacy to how to share, but it also has a problem that we all want to solve many times and that is that we want our photo to be uploaded complete and with the size you really want. But for all this there is a solution.

The first step is to enter your Facebook account and go to your profile, so the most important step would be to search for the URL which is at the top of your browser, there you have to look closely and remove (https: // www) from the 'URL and in that space you will place the letter m and you will proceed to click on enter and this will open mobile mode .

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On that new page, click on your profile photo, give it to change profile photo, give the option to review and the gallery will open, proceed to choose the photo you want and upload your photo, click Open and then increase. Basically like this you will have your profile photo in full size without having to cut it.

Is Facebook Messenger the same as Facebook?

After the importance of the profile photo, it is important to know Facebook Messenger because it is one of the many tools that Facebook offers, it is in great demand when it comes to improving communication or starting a private chat. Everyone wants to improve communication, but for this the ideal would be to update my Facebook to the latest version.

All applications are much more efficient if we keep them up to date and on this platform you can stay in constant chat with your acquaintances , have good conversations. Not only is it important to keep Facebook up to date, but as Facebook Messenger is a separate application, you need to update Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android.

The big advantage is that you prevent your mobile from making mistakes and you can have a higher performing application pass videos, documents, photos and even audio through this Facebook chat application, ideal for your day.

What is Facebook Lite about?

This application had really many awards and if you wonder why it is lighter. That is, it weighs less on your device and more consumes even less data, ideal for those who do not have internet at home and have to pay for a data plan with this application, it will have greater performance.

It also provides a lot of tools that you can without having a Play Store, you can't miss this opportunity. Also if you have a mobile phone with little internal memory, this gives you the opportunity to see everything on Facebook but without taking up more space on your mobile. Likewise, you can also download videos from Facebook Lite to your Android mobile.

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Besides allowing me these options, you can also turn off or turn off user notifications, on occasions when it's annoying you can use this option. This is why many users prefer to use this version not only for its tools but also due to its light size on your mobile.

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