How to put a small thumbnail video on top of another with Sony Vegas Pro

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Video editing is a rather complex job for taking care of the details must have the editor in charge of project . It usually takes time to learn every little trick of a video editing program, as with enough experience and creativeness the sky is the limit for you to edit videos like a pro.

However, it is not only enough to know every little detail about how to use the video editing program, but also to be able to have enough vision and patience to use it in order to achieve the desired result.

Also, there are tons of video editing programs in the industry, ranging from the simplest (Windows MovieMaker) to the most professional (Vegas Pro), and generally the editor video will go from using a basic one to a more complete one in order to have a good way of working that can be fluid and comfortable.

This means that the editor has many programs to choose from when editing a video comfortably and the choice will depend on the tastes of the editor himself.

However, among the video editing programs currently on the market, there is one of the most famous in the form of Sony Vegas Pro, a program that since its inception has distinguished itself for being quite comfortable to use and extremely complete in its elements.

Given this, and what you initially talked about getting to know every little trick that the program has for you, then let's talk about how you can put a video of preview in a much larger video with Sony Vegas Pro, so you have another little ace up your sleeve when it comes to video editing.

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Adapt one video to another

You may have seen the option "Picture in Picture" on television, or are commonly known as how news bulletins display a thumbnail image while other news is on the main screen.

This type of video editing through a video thumbnail to another video can be a great resource for knowing how to use it correctly, so it never hurts to use it.

Moreover, it can be done in an extremely simple way and it will only take you a couple of minutes to do this mounting , not to mention that you can position the video thumbnail however you like.

Put one video thumbnail on top of the other in Sony Vegas

And what version do you have Vegas Pro, Sony Vegas or not, putting a video thumbnail on another video is really simple. All you have to do is open your Sony Vegas Pro program and import the two videos you want to put together, and once you've decided which one you want the thumbnail to be, the work begins.

Drag the two video in the timeline below and place the cursor on the " Pan/Crop Event "and it will open a new window through which you can move the video. Use this window to be able to resize the video the way you want and you can see that the back in the preview window adjusts correctly.

Right now, you should take your time and follow the guides you have in the screen Panning you will need to position the video so that it is just the way you want it. Once it's ready, you can check that everything is in order, including the sound of the two videos, and you can go directly to render it if you want.

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