How to put a tattoo on a person's photo with Adobe Photoshop - Very simple

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I photo editing programs and applications they have been extremely useful to all people over the years. Each adaptation and each new version of these makes the imaginations of all its users fly. While a sizable list is positioned as high-quality Photoshop-like programs, it's next to impossible for the Adobe company and its products to go unnoticed.

Photoshop, the most popular design application

Spectacular editions, it has been part of the digital world. Whatever the purpose and outcome, these programs are positioned as designers' great allies. Photoshop, without a doubt, is among the most used in the world.

This photographic workshop (its name is translated into Spanish) developed by Adobe, was launched in February 1990. Mainly, it allowed a single layer to introduce effects and texts in an image.

Photoshop Expansion

For many years Photoshop has stopped being an exclusive photo retouching program, to expand and reach the world of web design, bitmap digital compositions, photocomposition, video editing and any other tool applicable to digital images, such as putting text behind an image, people and objects.

Tools to change the look

To change skin tones, whiten teeth, give intensity to eye color , some clothes, highlight a landscape, make your image clearer ... many things can be done with this program on your photographs.

In this opportunity, you will be able to explore the tools you need to make an impact on all those people who visit your social networks. It is not necessarily a question of enlarging certain attributes (which can also be done), but of give the impression of having ... a tattoo!

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Add tattoos to a photo

Do you like tattoos, but not needles? So Photoshop is perfect for create an image and simulate what you would look like if you had one , large or small, thanks to the editing and retouching tools that this program puts at your disposal.

You will learn, step by step, the way more simple where you can add a tattoo to one of your photos using Photoshop.

Editing process

The first thing you should do is select the ideal photograph to insert the photograph you would like to edit, then search for the pattern of a tattoo that you like very much. You can search through thousands of designs on the web.

Once you have these two elements, as well as having Photoshop, proceed to use the relevant tools for insert a tattoo in the image .

  1. Duplicate your image (in the Image tab, click the Duplicate option).
  2. You need to desaturate the photo (settings tab and click on desaturation section).
  3. Apply 2,0 pixel Gaussian blur.
  4. Save the photo in Photoshop PSD format.

A tattoo was said!

Time to go back to the original image to place the tattoo of your choice. Once the tattoo image is inserted, adjust the tattoo to the site where you want to place the command Ctrl + T .

  1. If your chosen design has a white background, delete it via the blend section and multiply option.
  2. By right clicking on the drawing, select the deformation option, to fit the drawing to the part of the body where you want place your tattoo.
  3. Go to the Filters tab, go to the distortion section and click Move.
  4. In this way a box will appear in which you will need to 10 in the required scales, stretch the drawing and repeat the procedure until it is well placed on your body.
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Double click the tattoo image to enter the layer style box, here you can configure the design in so that it is with the appropriate tone for your skin . Also, if you want to highlight the tattoo a little more in the image, you can add the focus and blur effect.

  • Apply again la blur gaussiana a 1 pixel.
  • If the design passes over an item of clothing, you can adjust it by erasing part of the tattoo using the layer masks and the brush tool.

Start testing it

In this way, you can get the effect of a real tattoo on one of your photos and impress them all, both with your chosen design and with your new photo retouching skills using Photoshop.

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